1. Bethy 🔥

    fights Gabrial You Are A Good Man 🫶🏻

  2. Ginjabread man

    Crime Have a go hero gets one to the dome

  3. Cold Ethyl

    Dad forced pedophile 'best friend' to dig own grave after finding he abused his daughter

    It was a shocking case of betrayal and furious retribution that resonated with horrified parents the world over. In remote woodlands in deepest Russia, an enraged Vyacheslav Matrosov stood face-to-face with the one-time friend and babysitter he had caught abusing his six-year-old daughter...
  4. ZeroK

    bizarre A Hero No More

  5. Donkeyd

    animals Guy saves dogs life giving CPR

  6. Donkeyd

    fights Imagine making someone pay for something you sell!

    “Your headphones miss” She tried to steal from him and he was still polite & let her know she dropped her headphones. Good man. I wish him so much success.