1. J

    fights MMA Ref let it go for too long.

    MMA ref was completely incompetent.
  2. DeathHand

    WW2 Nazi Hermann Göring's Former House Reveals 5 Skeletons

    Five skeletons found under Wolf’s Lair home of Hermann Göring in Poland April 30, 2024 Amateur archaeologists have unearthed five human skeletons missing their hands and feet under the former home of the Nazi war criminal Hermann Göring at Hitler’s Wolf’s Lair military headquarters in...
  3. lovestruck

    Happy birthday Adolf

    Happy 134th birthday Adolf Hitler! 💕
  4. Sgt.Stupid

    Funny Das Auto

  5. ZeroK

    bizarre The Wonders Of AI

  6. Anonamasas

    Some battle of berlin pics

  7. REBKage

    bizarre Black Hebrew Israelites Now Supporting Hitler to support Kanye West and Kyrie Irving

    In response to media backlash against Kanye and Kyrie, Black Hebrew Israelites, groups of Blacks who think they are the real Jews condone the Holocaust and now love Hitler.
  8. REBKage

    Kanye West Says He Likes Adolf Hitler And Says He's A Nazi

    First clip where he says Hitler has brought something good to the table ; When he says he likes Hitler ; Ye Says "I'm a Nazi" Ye changed for the better, these are some cool takes.