1. REBKage

    Serious Sex slave escapes after 14 years locked, tortured, and raped in dungeon by abusive maniac in Russia.

    Vladimir Cheskidov, 51, was arrested in the Chelyabinsk region in the remote Ural Mountains after a 33-year-old woman, identified only by her first name, Ekaterina, escaped from his home in the village of Smoleno on Monday for having confined a 19-year-old woman "for love" for 14 years in a...
  2. DeathHand

    War The More Horrorific Death Images of the Russia-Ukraine War (2022-2023)

    Ukraine battlefronts, 2022-2023 There are dead soldiers and then there are really dead soldiers. The images in this thread are of the guys who didn't just get shot and fall down dead in the grass or snow, but those who met an ugly combat-related death or when their remains met with various...
  3. Psycholollipop

    Jack the ripper victims and locations

    First post and apologies if it has been here before! Went on a Jack the Ripper tour n thought you might like these, enjoy fellow sickos 🤣❤ Part 1 (2 to follow)