1. DeathHand

    Serious The Leaked Pentagon Secret Papers, Re: Ukraine War, etc. (pics of the docs)

    I can't find images of all of the docs that were released (there was 25 or more), but this is a few that are currently available. They are not the greatest quality but are large and looking at them long enough one can actually be able to make some sense out of them. They are also not in any...
  2. DeathHand

    Ukraine~ Russia Conflict Photos

    I'm starting to see a few photos from the current conflict being posted: what's the word on posting images from the war again? Thanks.
  3. TehBitch

    **Report BUGS /HELP Comments HERE**

    We updated the site!! We realize it's a big change,but the benefits are worth it!. If you're having trouble, find a bug,etc PLEASE POST ITT! *It would be helpful for staff if you provide us with screenshots, links, etc..of bugs.* **For How To's and other helpful information go here:**...
  4. Pynx

    Teen killed 3 family members before turning gun on himself in Ingleside RV does anyone have the pictures of his family that he posted?