1. tenguix

    Osteomyelitis [the sequel]

    A while back I posted an array of osteomyelitis x-rays and radiographs in <this thread>. Osteomyelitis is defined as inflammation of the bone and bone marrow, usually caused by bacterial infection. I decided to revisit this gruesome condition and post actual photographs instead of focusing on...
  2. tenguix

    The evolution of Noma [Cancrum Oris]

    I found a great new source for medical images. Amongst search results, I found this pdf on noma cases in South Africa. These images depict the process by which gingivitis progresses into noma. It often begins with necrotising gingivitis. The gingivitis extends lower into the gums and teeth...
  3. LoCarb

    Fucked up back

    Don't know much background on this video, but it seems like an infection of sorts gone terribly awry. And holy hell look at that chunk gone in the shoulder :eek:
  4. tenguix

    Gross feet, yo.

    This video is sort of goofy, but, the patient's feet are quite gnarly and the video quality is good. Looks like athlete's foot on fucking steroids. Probably a bacterial infection though.
  5. Hel

    Leprosy and other diseases in 19th century Norway

    In this thread I'll post medical images from Norway, time frame 19th century to early 20th century. Woman from Hedmark with a large goiter There were outbreaks of leprosy in west and central Norway in the 19th century Infections
  6. tenguix

    Neglected Foreign Bodies #2

    {Set #1} Unlike the majority of cases in the first thread (excepting the 9-year-old girl), these so-called foreign bodies were intentionally inserted by the patients themselves. I'll start with the females who took matters into their own hands (and, subsequently, their vaginas). An...
  7. tenguix

    Neglected Foreign Bodies #1

    Several cases of neglected/retained foreign bodies. One 55-year-old woman had a "wooden apple" inserted into her vagina to treat uterine prolapse five years prior. Radiographs -- before extraction: Extraction photos: Radiograph of extracted body: Another woman (65 years old)...
  8. DoctorX


    Mycetoma (named because of the tumour-like mass it forms) is a chronic granulomatous disease characterised by localised infection of subcutaneous tissues by actinomycetes or fungi. The inflammatory response can extend to the underlying bone. Basically, an infection enters the site of trauma...
  9. tenguix


    A necrosis thread. Note: I only scrape my content from actual case reports -- no social media bullshit. 44-year-old woman who developed extensive necrosis of the eyelid and eye itself -- a complication of the gold weight surgically implanted in her eyelid: A 26-year-old woman who...
  10. tenguix

    Female Fasciitis!

    This thread is all about women with gnarly necrotizing fasciitis. {Set 1 of 2} 55-year-old -- diabetic, with NF of the breast and arm (fatal): 26-year-old -- anemic, eight days postpartum, NF causing complications in an episiotomy wound: 27-year-old Chinese woman -- 10 days after a fat...
  11. tenguix

    Mucormycosis (Mold Infection)

    A rare fungal infection with a generally poor prognosis -- often characterized by the growth of hyphae (branching filamentous structure of fungi) in and around the blood vessels. Most commonly occurs in the brain, sinuses, and lungs in immunocompromised individuals. I had some trouble gathering...