1. ChodoTBaggins

    Boko Haram slaughtering across Africa, kills 92 Chadian soldiers, 50 Nigerian soldiers

    Seems like Boko Haram are very efficient lol. Makes me wonder though, how did they have enough ammo did attack a military base for 7 hours and win? Someone funding them maybe? J
  2. R

    ISIS music?

    Hi! Can anyone help me? I searching the music from ISIS videos, but no results. I added mp3 file. (Sorry for the mistakes, I don't speak in english, very well.)
  3. Nex

    Great IS, FSA, Houthis Compilation

  4. ISIS Fashion Police & Random Executions

    Syria & Iraq The Religious Police cut off 'infidel' logos attached to this man's t-shirt The length of the man's trousers is checked, which they say should be above the ankle Confiscated cigarettes burned Executing a homosexual ..adding a few stones for good measure. Enforcers...
  5. Hel

    Tom & Jerry is to blame for the rise of IS according to Egyptian minister

    Apparently Tom and Jerry is to blame for the rise of Isis "Nothing wrong with our backwards Islamic culture, it's an American cartoon from the 1940's that is to blame for Islamic extremism!"
  6. DeathHand

    ISIS Beheading Parody

    The title says it all.