1. cadaver1

    New execution from ISIS

    New ISIS Executions | theYNC
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    New ISIS beheading

    NEW ISIS Execution By Beheading HD | theYNC
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    ISIS on the battlefield

    More Battlefield Executions
  4. cadaver1

    ISIS Sniper

    New isis sniper
  5. cadaver1

    ISIS machine gun execution

    NEW: Captives Executed with Machine Guns and Pistol by ISIS in Iraq | theYNC
  6. cadaver1

    The ISIS hair cut

    A. Convert to Allah <---or---> B. Kaboom kaboom
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    ISIS new

  8. cadaver1

    ISIS need too step up their game

    ISIS | theYNC
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    ISIS Sniper compilation

    ISIS Sniper Compilation 2019 | theYNC
  10. cadaver1

    Two PKK killed by ISIS

    Two PKK Captives Executed with Pistol by ISIS | theYNC
  11. cadaver1

    4 Beheaded ISIS memebers

  12. cadaver1

    Combat footage

    Combat & Executions | theYNC
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    ISIS Barbaries In Sinai | theYNC
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    New Isis Kills in HD | theYNC
  15. cadaver1

    Dead ISIS fighters

  16. cadaver1

    ISIS [The opposition meet their maker]
  17. cadaver1

    New ISIS (I think they get the idea that they are loosing)

    ISIS Recent Combat Footage {Edited} | theYNC
  18. cadaver1

    Not the greatest ISIS video

    Butcher Knife Beheading and Machine Gun ISIS | theYNC
  19. cadaver1

    ISIS blowing up cars

    New video ISIS | theYNC
  20. cadaver1

    new isis vid | new isis video show soldiers killed in battle - Crazy Shit! Its a good propaganda video from these scumbag swines.
  21. cadaver1

    ISIS Sniper killing soldiers

    BRUTAL new isis sniper killing several soldiers | theYNC
  22. machilee

    Dead Female PKK YPJ YPG Soldiers Collection

    Dead Female YPJ YPG PKK rebels collections
  23. venci

    Remains of Manchester Bomber Salman Abedi

    This was leaked a few hours ago from a source in USA despite claims that leak of photos from the investigation in UK were stopped.
  24. Sky

    ISIS using toddler to execute man in ball pitt

    So what's next? ISIS toddler
  25. DeathHand

    ISIS: Drone Attack Views

    ISIS uses many weapons to fight the Iraqis and the Syrians and one weapon they use is a drone. By using drones they get instant visuals on where potential targets are and then they send out their suicide guys in bomb-laden vehicles (VBSA's - Vehicle Borne Suicide Attacks - and yes, I made that...
  26. Sky

    disaster ISIS suicide bomber in T-55 Tank detonation in Deir ez-Zor Syria

    Click the image for a closer view - high quality, massive explosion.
  27. DeathHand

    ISIS: Attack|Kill|Booty (2)

    Part 1 of this series can be found here: ISIS: Attack|Kill|Booty (1) -------- Here's 3 more Sets of ISIS attacking a target, destroying it and killing the defenders and then plundering weapons, vehicles and ammo. Daesh's style of fighting doesn't always work out for them and in many cases...
  28. DeathHand

    ISIS Executions|Prisoner Blown Up

    This video, which Daesh have titled, "Incision of the Necks" contains footage of various executions carried out by ISIS on prisoners with beheading and by gunfire. It also includes the execution of a prisoner who they blew up. Just for a change. Time-frames: 00:00-08:22 just bla bla bla...
  29. Sky

    disaster ISIS VBIED destroys SDF base in Manbij Syria

    Just like that.
  30. Sky

    disaster Bird Eye View of VBIED in Libia - Car explodes at warehouse

    Click image for full effect - high quality drone footage
  31. Sky

    disaster Drone footage of 3 VBIED ISIS - High Quality

    Click image for full effect and enjoy high quality footage
  32. Sky

    disaster ISIS VBIED Humvee Roadblock - Massive Explosion

    Click image to enlarge and see people running for their lives in high quality.
  33. DeathHand

    ISIS: Attack|Kill|Booty (1)

    ISIS seems to operate on very much the same level as traditional guerrilla warfare always has. Small bands of ISIS fighters will attack a target and if successful, will kill all and then take a shitload of booty. They don't always win, but when they do they leave dozens of dead in their wake...
  34. DeathHand

    ISIS: Machine Gun Execution

    Two captured Syrian soldiers are executed by a member of ISIS/ISIL, both being shot point-blank in the back of the head with a heavy machine gun. Some nice head blasting in this one. And if you don't know yet, turn your speakers down incase the singing is loud, lol. ;) Syria, Nov. 17, 2016...
  35. LoCarb

    Informational ISIS video

    They've done the deed with giving us a very informational video about the many ways they do their dumbassery. Not a bad watch, with the Hollywood-grade graphics and all
  36. Mental Puppy

    ISIS cuts throats of spies

    ISIS Beheading Executions Of Several 'Spies' In Iraq The savage Islamic State terrorist group has purportedly circulated a photo report showing beheading executions in Iraq. In the report, ISIL savages carry out the beheading executions of alleged spies in "Wilayat Karkuk." Included photos...
  37. DeathHand

    ISIS Beheads Football Players

    Tried a search on these ones but came up with nothing. ISIS doesn't like things like soccer, football or whatever and went after 4 well known (in Iraq, that is) football players and their coach: accusing them of spying for the Peshmerga. The 5 men were presented to the public before being...
  38. DeathHand

    ISIS Leaves Mass Graves

    All across Syria and Iraq ISIS has been leaving a trail of mass graves full of executed civilians, rivals and soldiers. In Iraq, the military find these grave sites as they drive ISIS out of various areas. The Battle of Mosul is in full swing and the Iraqi military has been able to retake many...
  39. DeathHand

    ISIS: Spies Get M16

    Two men, caught by ISIS and accused of being government spies are executed with a close range shot to the head from an M16. Kirkut, Iraq, abt. Nov. 5, 2016. 1. Fucked 2. Fucked 3. Definitely fucked 4. 5. 6. Fucked up
  40. SicMonster666

    Isis executes men with a shotgun for spray painting

    Men were executed for spray painting anti-ISIS graffiti.
  41. Nex

    Great IS, FSA, Houthis Compilation

  42. DeathHand

    ISIS Slaughter House

    This latest ISIS video was released around Sept. 12 or 13, 2016. In it, about a dozen prisoners are executed by having their throats slit and then being placed over a drain to bleed out before being hung upside down like meat. The prisoners were each accused of spying and uploading images to...
  43. Mental Puppy

    Isis execute a suspected spy

    On August 22nd, an Afghanistan man accused of being a spy was decapitated by ISIS. The Islamic State's "Wilayat Khurasan" propaganda office has purportedly circulated a photo report showing the execution of an accused spy in Afghanistan. In the set, the bloodthirsty ISIS savages carry out the...
  44. DeathHand

    ISIS: Shotgun (Pics & Vid)

    This Iraqi soldier was captured somewhere in the Diyala Province of Iraq during the night after ISIS militants stormed his house. Later, during the day, he was brought to remote area where an executioner with a shotgun shot the soldier in the head, point blank, and then fired 3 more rounds into...
  45. DeathHand

    Aug. 2016 ISIS Executions

    These are all screen grabs that I made from the most recent ISIS video that kevin kirk posted. These might not be in order...but just a bunch of screen grabs as requested :) ISIS Executions - August 2016. Set 1. 1. Lock and load...ISIS on the war path... 2. Pray... 3. 4. 5.
  46. DeathHand

    Coalition Bombs Hit Market

    In the haste to eradicate ISIS militants wherever they are hiding, the US-led Coalition fighter jets often miss their target/s and end up pounding civilian areas with shitloads of cluster bombs, barrel bombs, missles of all sizes (ie: 500lb bombs), etc. This "Coalition" involves many NATO...
  47. Nex

    ISIS Fashion Police & Random Executions

    Syria & Iraq The Religious Police cut off 'infidel' logos attached to this man's t-shirt The length of the man's trousers is checked, which they say should be above the ankle Confiscated cigarettes burned Executing a homosexual ..adding a few stones for good measure. Enforcers...