1. lovestruck

    War Israel's plan for the Palestinians

  2. Eris_Nyx

    beatings Kick the shalom out of him

    I like how he play it cool at first, then his intrusive thoughts won
  3. N O T O R I O U S

    Here’s a little fact BOMB

  4. D.O.A.

    Like father like son, a piece of shit

    Interesting once you add up the bills next to the bullethole. Subtle isn't in this heeb's vocab.
  5. kanekisama

    Funny What a nice robot

  6. Monkman777

    Police Jews Arrested In New York

  7. Nobbler

    bizarre Israeli Settlers Spitting On Christian Nuns.

  8. ZeroK

    beatings OY VEY

  9. ZeroK

    bizarre Looking To Kill Jews

    Muslims Hunting Jews From Tel Aviv Plane Landing In Dagestan
  10. Benny-Tow

    Crime Tommy Sotomayor on Jewish Supremacy

  11. ZeroK

    fights Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Continues

  12. ZeroK

    accident Religion Leading To Violence

    A Palestinian In Israel
  13. Sarka

    bizarre Controversial ultra-anti-Zionist Jew Amir Hertsoni gets a chair to the face live on Israeli TV

    Incendiary academic wounded by chair thrown at him on camera in Ashdod
  14. msr

    Truck Attack in Jerusalem