1. msr

    Florida children as killers

  2. msr

    4 year old's body found
  3. J.D.

    There Once Was A Young Man Who Blew Up A Plane

    14 original press photos from the trial of John "Jack" Gilbert Graham . Graham was an American mass murderer who, on November 1, 1955, killed 49 people aboard United Airlines Flight 629 near Longmont, Colorado, using a dynamite time bomb. Graham planted the bomb in his mother’s suitcase in an...
  4. momo19611

    Teddy Mafia’s Son-In-Law Survives Brazen Assassination Attemp !!!!

  5. momo19611

    Drive by shooting kills a man, wounds 5 other people

    Police have released footage of a drive-by shooting which left a 26-year-old man dead and injured five others in Philadelphia, USA. The surveillance footage captures a silver car with tinted windows as it approaches a group of people hanging out at the 1300 block of West Chew Avenue, in front of...
  6. msr

    Manhunt in Texas.

  7. Slice.Of.Life

    Would you ever kill someone?

    Would you ever kill someone? If so, under what circumstances? If not, why?
  8. Gorgutz

    Martin Bryant's police videos: 20th anniversary edition Chilling video of police interviews with Australia’s worst mass murderer Martin Bryant have been revealed on the Seven Network’s Sunday Night program for the first time – showing the evil...