Would you ever kill someone?


The hair-flip of death
Yes I would. There is only one person I hate enough to kill and that's the woman who gave birth to me. She is pure evil and worth going to prison for.
With me it was my dad. Natural causes got him first, though. He was lucky because I was just biding my time...

Wanna know something funny? I confessed this to my husband about a month ago only to find out that he had plans of his own to do the bastard in! God, I love that man. I keep telling him he seriously needs to join us here.

I'd argue the exact opposite, there r a couple of people I'd take great pleasure in choking out but NO ONE is worth rotting in jail for, let karma handle that bitch. Don't worry, be happy. :Happy:
Yep...that's pretty much what happened. Karma. Sweet, sweet karma.


Let It All Bleed Out
I'd kill a person. Maybe because of TCB or because of someone pissing in my backyard (someone fooling with my wife...err ex...or my kids). Some people just need to be taught if they don't listen the first time and second time or if they decide they can replace me when it comes to my family.

I won't kill for things like road rage or someone butting in line infront of me. But those people will probably have to see their dentist.

Sometimes it's business and sometimes it's personal.