1. ZeroK

    beatings Flower Thieves

  2. NicoM1

    fights Vin Diaz starring in Furiously Fucked

    Mexican Vin is back at it again in this hilarious sequel to the sequel to the prequel to the interq... aww fuck it, it's another garbage film. Featuring Jason Vargas standing in front of an unlocked door will leave you laughing for hours as you think about Vin Diaz driving like a lunatic all the...
  3. Ginjabread man

    Crime Old man gets ko’d & robbed at gas station

  4. RebelFX

    beatings Just some people getting knocked the fuck out!

    Don't do that stupid get in the other person's face like you're gonna make out before a fight... if you can take the first punch... DO IT! Either swing or GTFO. Not comp worthy but postable...
  5. ZeroK

    fights KO'd By A Pistol

  6. ZeroK

    fights Speed Beats Size