1. ZeroK

    Crime Lynching A Canadian

    Killed In Peru After He Murdered A Local Woman
  2. W

    beatings ~Thieves Lynched By Angry Mob~

  3. Cobh

    beatings News coverage of 2 plane clothes soldiers killed

    19/03/1988 Belfast, Ireland - The Corporals Killings. Three days earlier a loyalist attacked mourners during an IRA funeral with grenades and handguns killing 3 and wounding 60+. Milltown cemetary Held more IRA funerals over the next few days...
  4. DeathHand

    Military Officer Lynched 1989

    Back in 1989, as wide-spread protests against his dictatorship grew, Romania's Communist leader fled the country only to caught in Bucharest. He was tried and convicted of genocide and then executed, along with his wife. On the day that the leader fled, masses of protesters were gathering in...