Close view of machete attack victim

    Very nice footage
  2. cadaver1

    Machete Beheading | Savage machete murder - Crazy Shit!
  3. Dreadsteed

    Woman and baby butchered with a machete

    A woman and her 2 month old baby in Haiti were butchered with a machete by her boyfriend because she wanted to leave him. According to the neighbours, they often would argue and stated he was a violent man which is why she wanted to leave him.
  4. DeathHand

    Gang Fight ~ One Sliced

    This young lad and his gang got into a fight with a rival gang (drugs, petty criminals, both...). A member of the other gang brought a machete and went at it on this guy after he had been beaten - killing him. Itacoatiara, Mexico, Sept. 25, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  5. eumesmo

    Friendly talk with boss

  6. DeathHand

    Man Kills Family Members

    The young man who committed this slaughter was sent away to have his case of major depression treated. He was gone for 2 years. Then he returned with a machete and hacked his father, his mother, a female cousin and his grandmother to death. Thanh Ha, Vietnam, August 3, 2014. 1. The killer...
  7. DxC

    Nicaragua Machete Attack

    Didn't see this on here. Nice artwork on the floor.
  8. DeathHand

    Machete Death & Bloating

    This guy was executed unknown persons. He seems to have taken a deep gash to one side of face, his nose was sliced off (probably by a machete) and I think he took a gunshot in the other side of his face. Police estimated that the decomposing, bloating corpse had been dead for just under 24...
  9. alhazred

    Jihadi beheading by Machete - back to front

    Sorry if this is a repost; I've searched extensively and come up short. I've had this one for about a year; tried to find the original source or/and some info on it, but came up short. I've searched the site, the forum and Google, but I've only been able to find it on BestGore. Here's the post...
  10. Nex

    Family dispute leads to machete attack

    October 31st, 2015 Itamaracá, Brazil A fight between relatives resulted in death in Marcos Oliveira Lessa, 64. He was struck with a machete in the back and abdomen by his cousin, identified by the nickname of "Gil Boquinha." The two started arguing during a drinking binge, when the cousin...
  11. Xploit Machine

    Caught After Assaulting Woman With Machete

    Caught After Assaulting Woman With Machete Two men caught minutes later after assaulting a woman using machete. Both men in the video has been tipped by the family members after assaulting the woman whom also wife to the man wearing white shirt assaults the victim infront of her house. It is...
  12. Dr. Gauner

    Machete Decapitation

    On September 24, 2015 a corpse was found. The victim "Coffin Joe" (23) was brutally murdered and beheaded probably with a machete. The Military Police, said the boy was a drug abuser and left home on Sept. 22, however they believe he was killed on the 23rd because the body is still in a state of...
  13. Dr. Gauner

    Discussion Leads to Dead

    The murder took place in the early hours of Sunday (13), in the center of Caruaru. A man, 23 was drinking at a barbecue where he had a discussion with the wrong guy, a 38 year old as he was armed with a knife and a machete and he dealt several blows to the victim claiming his life. Going to a...
  14. SicMonster666

    Bish got slapped up side the head with a machete

    Have no clue who,what or how this happened. I know this, bitch pissed somebody off.
  15. Xploit Machine

    Machete to death, Indian Teen in Malaysia

    Machete to death, Indian Teen in Malaysia No further info, possible gang fight !
  16. holyblacksun

    Victim of a brutal machete attack in Brazil

    No additional info at the moment, but you can hear the men behind camera asking/saying: "Did you rape a child? Did you fuck somebody else's woman? If you went to the church every Sunday, such thing wouldn't happen to you lol They chopped your dick off, didn't they? Look, they chopped his dick...
  17. Execution_Style

    Guy cuts his back with machete

    The most brutal self flagellation video I have seen. I like it tough, he really fucks his back up!
  18. SicMonster666

    Father & son brutally hacked to death by machete's

    A revenge murder for the killing of another man.
  19. DeathHand

    Woman Gets Machete

    This woman, about 28 yrs old, was attacked by her husband. She had recently left him and he wasn't taking it so well. The wife received atleast 2 major gashes to the side of her face caused by a machete. She was in shock by the time that police arrived, having lost shitloads of blood, and later...
  20. SicMonster666

    Gnarly Machete Attack

    The body of a 21 year old man was found Tuesday 3/3/2015 in the rural area in Caruaru. The young man identified as Rafael Pedro da Silva was found with several brutal machete wounds to his head and neck area's. His mom said that he had been an avid drug user. His body was taken to the city morgue.
  21. A Nameless Ghoul

    Brutal Machete Attack

    Has this been posted yet? I have not seen this one. According to an anonymous witness, the man was attacked with machetes by 3 individuals. He died from his wounds.
  22. A Nameless Ghoul

    Keeping it cool after machete attack.

    Some say that keeping calm could have saved his life, preventing further blood loss. A video from Itápolis, a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil shows a man severely wounded after a machete attack. His left forearm is slashed broken, and he has deep gashes in the neck and over the...
  23. D.O.A.

    A machete splits a guys face

    sense of smell reduced by 107%
  24. holyblacksun

    Brutal machete attack

  25. PowerDrill

    Crazy Machete Wielding Man Gets Shot

    The crazy man survives the shooting.
  26. payaso666

    man robbed with machete

    Link: . Guy was mugged by guys with machetes and it looks like hes getting yelled at for getting blood on his work shirt
  27. _Xtina_

    Machete and knife attacks

  28. A

    Machete attack from hell.

    A man identified as Reginaldo Santos de Jesus, 25, aka Bada, broke into the house of his ex-wife and received several machete blows, around 1:30 p.m., Saturday 15th Nov 2014 in Itabela-BA. According to reports, Bada received blows to the head, arms and various body parts. He walked to the Frei...
  29. A

    Son murders his 85 yr. old mother with a machete.

    An 85 year old woman was brutally killed by her own son. This took place in Rayong, Thailand. The lady was murdered after she finished reading some books sitting on a bench in her living room. The local justice department did an analysis and determined her son was the prime suspect.
  30. Graziani

    Killed By Machete

    killed by machete
  31. D.O.A.

    Girl has her ass cut off with a machete by her crazy husband

    A 23 year old had her butt ripped off with a machete by her husband, in the city of Nilópolis in the State of Rio de Janeiro . According to information from witnesses , the incident occurred after the accused suspected that his wife was cheating with another man . The victim was bailed until the...
  32. Pibe Gore

    Teacher is killed with a machete by her former husband and the alleged perpetrator is found dead

    On the afternoon of last Tuesday (21) a teacher was stabbed to death by former husband within the own residence located in Sector Santa Luzia in Porangatu (409 km from Goiânia). According to reports from family members to the police, the couple was in a relationship for 17 years fought...
  33. payaso666

    Man Caught Stealing Goats Has Both Hands Chopped Off With Machete *AFTERMATH*

    Link: STATE OF BAHIA, BRAZIL - On Sunday afternoon Josemar Ferreira de Sousa was attacked with a machete receiving blows to his legs and head and having both hands chopped off. The assailant, 40 year old Norberto da Silva Moraes accused de Sousa of trying to steal his goats. According to...
  34. my.eggs

    Brazilian Machete - again

    Machete S2 A man whose identity has not been revealed had his face completely disfigured by blows from a machete on Saturday night (19). He was found dying at around 23h, next to Bairro Londrina, in the BR-330. According to information from the Military Police, an anonymous tip reported the...
  35. P

    Shocking Machete Video

    Man attacked with a machete & still breathing at the hospital.
  36. my.eggs

    Murdered by machete - Brazil

    Happened last week. An unidentified man was practically shredded, brutally murdered with several machete blows, on a farm in the city of Manaus. He was the caretaker of the farm, and supposedly responded when bandits raided the place to rob, being killed by them.
  37. P

    Face & Machete don't mix

    This woman is still alive with half her face missing.
  38. semen

    60th Homicide in Mossley - Man was shot stroke of drunken machete knife during the Baroque district

    Sorry, but this Google translation is just too funny.
  39. semen

    Twelve Machete Slashes

    Male victim, 23 years old. Two bloodied machetes found at the scene of the crime.
  40. max_gain

    Guy in hospital after machete attack

    A guy trying to be saved in hospital after being attacked by a machete. I believe he sadly died
  41. holyblacksun

    Split Machete Face

  42. BAD ASS

    Beheading with very sharp machete!

    Forum Need more action in here ! However... Nice Skills ! Nice sharp machete ! That's awesome!
  43. max_gain

    A man alleged to have been attacked by his brother-in-law with a Machete

    The story claims this man was attacked by his brother-in-law with a machete, after his wife discovered he was having an affair with another woman.
  44. KingElvis

    Extreme Machete Annihilation

  45. Calgacus

    Hacked apart with machete, in the street-
  46. DeadZone

    Beheaded with machete

    I got a malware warning from google chrome when I opened this video jsyk!
  47. aRyan

    Man Is Killed Mortal Kombat Style With Machete
  48. DeadZone

    Arm mangled with machete