1. Radioactive2010

    beatings MAGA Maggot Gets What He Deserves

    Love this one.....road rage incident. The MAGA Moron picks a fight with a much older black man. He gets his clock cleaned. I believe he was crying for trump. Hahahahah
  2. Punisher_1

    Guns FAFO of the day

    Six dude chasing down one guy because they don't like his hat one finds out that's a bad idea. Leftists just pack up and move to North Korea.
  3. IExist

    accident Gotta get that deal on Trump gear

    So some dude crashes his car into the store that is for Trump in Easton, blaming the voices in his head. Now I don't like Trump, but the voices in my head keep telling me to watch porn, not drive a car into a fucking store, risking vehicular homicide. After car settles with massive hole...