1. Ralph666

    Body Bag used in Halloween Display in Mexico

    A restaurant put a display of a executed body in a bag outside the entrance, to celebrate Day of the Dead soon. Outrage to it was pretty harsh. "It's in very bad taste ... a mockery in fact for families who have been victims of violence ... (sic)", reads one of the comments that appear on the...
  2. DeathHand

    Fireworks Market Explodes: 30+ Dead

    The death toll from a chain of explosions at a popular fireworks market on Mexico City's outskirts rose to at least 35 after two more people were added to the list, the local government said on Thursday. The cause of the blast on Tuesday that struck the San Pablito open-air market in Tultepec...
  3. DeathHand

    Mexican Cop Flashes Her Boobs

    This shit went down a few months ago when a female cop, Nidia Garcia,, had a photo taken of her while on duty, sitting inside a police SUV and her boobs jutting out from her uniform top. The police force was going to fire her but she decided to resign instead. Nidia's husband left her but her...
  4. DeathHand

    Necro Zeta Cartel Hitwoman

    Necro Zeta Cartel Hitwoman 13th July 2016 (media release date) A glamorous Mexican hitwoman has confessed to having sex with headless bodies while drinking and bathing in their blood. The chilling confession was made by an innocent-looking lady named Juana, known as ‘La Peque’ or ‘the...