1. Donkeyd

    Ever seen a zip under this much pressure?


    *murder attempt* Model Yessenia Álava is shot in the Head

    i wasn't shure to post here or viral cause u can see a bit "gore" graphic in the end and she is in serious conditions. if its wrong then i am sorry maybe u can move it! Like the Thread says super sweet Model Yessenia Ával is shot in daaaa Heaaaad :gunner:🤯 (i suggest lower the volume pretty...
  3. 0rganDonor

    Paralympian Oscar Pistorius arrested after girlfriend shot dead...

    Breaking news, not much info yet... South African media reports Oscar Pistorius has been arrested after his girlfriend was shot dead at their home in South Africa. The female suffered gunshot wounds to the arm and head after Oscar reportedly mistook the 32-year-old for an intruder. A 9mm...