1. SicMonster666

    Thai biker all twisted up

    Thai man is mangled beyond repair after losing control of his motorcycle.
  2. msr

    Serial Killer in South Carolina

    ' . WOODRUFF, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina man killed at least seven people in a hidden crime spree that lasted more than a decade and only was uncovered when police rescued a woman chained at the neck in a storage container, authorities said Saturday. Todd Kohlhepp accepted...
  3. Mental Puppy

    2 more motorcycle fatalities.

    A young woman aged 24 and a teenager were killed when the bike they were on was hit by a truck. The 24 year old was killed instantly when the truck tire ran right over her head. She had no other injuries which led me to believe cause of death to be heading squishing. Her teenage companion...
  4. Mental Puppy

    Motorcyclist kisses truck head on

    On Sunday the 24th of April, a 47 yr old man was killed after a head on crash with a truck. Witnesses say the motorcyclist was riding on the wrong side of the road.
  5. Mental Puppy

    Tree felling the hard way

    Guy hit a tree with his scooter and won a one way ticket to death.
  6. D.O.A.

    Israeli motorcyclist torn in half

    Don't know the story but his helmet lives to tell it.
  7. Nex

    Motorcyclist Transporting Lumber Killed

    October 4th 2015 Phnom Pehn, Cambodia This 25 year old was attempting to carry this heavy load on motorcycle to a funeral event of all places. It is the third motorcyclist this month to die this way
  8. D.O.A.

    Dutch motorcycle cop hit by a truck on purpose Cop was flown out and had his arm amputated, the truck driver is in jail and has been charged with attempted manslaughter.
  9. Nex

    Policeman kills motorcyclist

    September 29th, 2015 Brazil An accident involving a military police vehicle leave 2 dead and one serious injured. According to reports, the car hit a motorcycle and by the impact of the collision the motorcyclist was flung and succumbed to his injuries. The driver of the vehicle after losing...
  10. Dr. Gauner

    Deadly Bike Fall

    A motorcyclist, 39, was found dead the morning of September 20, 2015 in a stream along the BR-319, in Brazil's famous "Curve of Death". Information tells us that the man lost control of the vehicle and fell into the stream. A citizen found the body about 11 hours after the accident occurred...
  11. Dr. Gauner

    Motorcyclist Struck By Truck

    Happened on September 16th in Thailand. Looks to be some sort of cock fertility talisman gently lay amongst his possessions.
  12. K

    Man On Motorcycle Shredded By A Truck

    Sorry if this has already been posted. A man on a small motorcycle was literally torn to shreds when he was hit by this large colorful truck. You can see several different body parts.
  13. R a n d o m

    Motorcyclist impaled on metal bars.

    A man on a motorcycle drove his bike into the back of a truck that was transporting metal bars and got impaled a few right through his chest.
  14. DeadZone

    Teenage motorcyclist killed in bizarre accident

    I have to admit I wondered if this was real at first.... Incident happens at approx 1:25, looks like he was killed instantly. Link:
  15. FapKoЯn

    Motorcycle Crash Footage after the accident happened. Some guys riding a motorcycle collided face to face with a vehicle. Broken legs and Badly injured man trying to get up. Location (According to source) : Bangga Bagul, Abada Road...
  16. D.O.A.

    Girl on a motorcycle killed by a line strung across the road

    From Brazil, apparently "landowners" (translation) string line across the street to kill motorcyclists for some fucked up reason. She didn't invest in one of these.
  17. Andrew Newman

    disaster Deadly Motorcycle Accidents

    Deadly Accidents, The Craziest, Worst Motorcycle Accidents You've ever seen
  18. Pibe Gore

    Motorcyclist with his head crushed by a concrete truck

    June 20, 2015 - Thailand - Another motorcyclist dies crushed by a "heavy vehicle"... Surprisingly he was wearing a helmet... :rofl:
  19. EicelHeartsGore

    Motorcyclist run over by university bus

    Happened in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines around 8:30 PM (June 17, 2015)
  20. D.O.A.

    Motorcyclist sliced off the top of his head

    Crashed into the back of a truck, nasty.
  21. holyblacksun

    Motorcyclist with nearly severed leg

    Happened in Brazil
  22. D.O.A.

    Motorcyclists head crushed by a water truck

    Figaro... Figaro... :brainhurts:
  23. Wayne Kerr

    another motorcycle accident aftermath

    brains coming out of hole in head, blood running down the street. feira de santana, brazil
  24. holyblacksun

    Aftermath of an motorcycle crash in Jamaica

    Jamaican man has bone sticking out after crashing his motorcycle. Christopher McIntosh Jr. And his brother crashed while riding their motorcycle in Negril, Jamaica. :nig:
  25. SicMonster666

    24 year old dies in tragic motorcycle accident

    Luiz Otavio Martins Igarashi, 24, died after violently hitting a post. Luiz riding a bike Hornet, 600 cc. In the photos that were taken by popular we see the speedometer stuck at 160 km / h. The expertise not yet confirmed the speed and the causes of the accident are still being investigated...
  26. holyblacksun

    Motorcyclist crushed by a truck in Brazil

    In the morning of Wednesday, a motorcyclist died by run over by truck. According to witnesses, the victim was trying to pass between a bus and a trailer, when the trailer hit the bike's rear unbalancing the rider. The man lost control and fell, being run over by the trailer below. Witnesses...
  27. DeathsDoor

    Motorcyclist killed by a truck

    According to witnesses, the victim was trying to pass between a bus and a trailer, when the trailer hit the bike's rear end and made the rider lose control.
  28. DeathsDoor

    Motorcycle Accident

    Both fell from the moped. The one with cracked skull ended up in a coma and is still in hospital. The other received treatment for a damaged shoulder.
  29. D.O.A.

    Motorcycle crash to the testicles

    This guy crashed his bike, gutfucked himself and smashed up his balls. One has a blood clot in it. His penis survived.
  30. CareeningCorpse

    Motorcycle Aftermath In Brazil

    I haven't seen this video up here. If it is and I missed it, I apologize.
  31. DeathsDoor

    Motorcycle Accident

    Father, mother and child were all on a motorcycle when the accident happened. They were on their way to the child's school when the driver of the car drifted onto the wrong side of the road.
  32. SicMonster666

    Aftermath of Fatal Motorcycle Head-on Crash into Truck

    The motorcycle rider was allegedly trying to reach the 300km/h limit on his bike, when he lost control and slammed head-on into a truck.
  33. holyblacksun

    Granny fatally hit by motorcycle

    She died immediately. The local authority reported that the victim was 81 years old. The driver of the bike was sent with a broken foot to the hospital. happened in Caruaru [Brazil] March 21, 2015
  34. sgrass

    Woman Shot and Killed by Couple on a Motorcycle

    A 29 year-old woman and mother of a 14 and 3 year-old kid was inside her house talking to a 15 year-old female friend when she received a phone call so she told her friend she needed to go outside and would be right back. Minutes later 5 gunshots were heard by neighbors. The victim tried to get...
  35. EicelHeartsGore

    disaster Motorcycle accident: Kid impaled by harvester cutter

    "While riding on a motorcycle, a father and his son collided head on with a combine harvester. Both died, but the child ended up horrifically impaled on the cutter bar. Witnesses removed him body from the blades, which exposed his protruding innards. The accident happened in South India. The...
  36. SicMonster666

    Man loses his head after motorcycle accident

    From Lamphun Thailand 3/10/2015- a 22 year old male was struck and killed by a car as he was riding his motorcycle.
  37. DeathsDoor

    Motorcycle Accident

    The 17-year-old girl died in an accident involving the motorcycle she was riding and a bus. The girl identified as Naiara Ellen hit the side of the bus and fell under the vehicle.
  38. Graziani

    dead by motorcycle

    more info
  39. D.O.A.

    motorcycle rides straight into a wire strung across the road

    stupid workers could have a least watched the road. Dude almost lost his head. He's dead, anyway.
  40. sgrass

    Woman In Motorcycle Accident Get's Run Over

    On February 24th in Thailand a 37yo woman on her motorbike was involved in an accident and then run over.
  41. DR.highD

    Motorcycle Vs Truck

    26/02/2015 - Thailand - At 00:10am truck/motorcycle accident, man died at scene.
  42. Graziani

    dismebered by motorcycle crash

    death by motorcycle crash link: the motorcycle was a Kawasaki
  43. holyblacksun

    Motorcyclist torn apart