1. MuddyHands

    Armed robbery in the streets of Brazil ends up with 2 trash killed and 1 on the loose

    They arrived in two motorcycles and were trying to rob the guy in another motorcycle. Little did they know in the car behind them was a police officer that saw their action and promptly shot two dead. Finally some good ending for a change. Ape language translation : - "Record it Amanda...
  2. goddess

    Has anyone here ever actually murdered anyone?

    Has anyone here ever murdered another person and either not been found guilty or was incarcerated and have a completed sentence? What was it like? What happened? What you do it again?
  3. Kapitän Ghul'

    bizarre Found his today

  4. I

    Serious Man livestreams himself killing his 3 children, then self

    A murder-suicide in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma last week involving three children and their father is part of an ongoing domestic dispute, new court documents show. Francoise Littlejohn, 30, was found dead in an apparent suicide in the front seat of a Dodge Charger with his three dead children...
  5. Squanchy

    Funny ISIS Beheading gone wrong

    ISIS beheading gone wrong ☠️
  6. Infidel P

    Accidental discharge via pistol whip leaves guy dancing on the ground.

    Not sure if the guy died. Looks seriously. Anyone know what causes him to move like crazy?
  7. Infidel P

    fights Don't fuck with the fat guy

    One fat guy pushes another fat guy. Big mistake.