1. Liver1

    From Russia with love

    Guy from Russia is dismembered, ends up with a much better haircut. :whoa:
  2. Liver1

    Thai woman found dismembered

    A dead body of a woman found in a river in Thailand. This woman went missing three days ago and a missing report was issued to the police. The corpse had been cut apart and messed with. An autopsy Dr says that she was also raped, sorry about the mosaic censoring.
  3. cadaver1

    Brazilian scrag murdered

  4. cadaver1

    Raped and dismembered

  5. cadaver1

    At least they left her clothes on

  6. DeathHand

    Executed Male Rotting

    When the wind blew the right way a local got a strong whiff of rot. Police checked it out and found the decomposing, rodent chewed and gnawed body of a dead male with his shirt pulled over his head. They determined that the man had been shot dead. Costa Grande, Mexico, November 8, 2018. 1...
  7. Mental Puppy

    Drug dealer paid a debt

    Manaus or formaly known as Barra do Rio Negro on 20th April 2018, 23 year old car washer, Alfeson Martins de Jesus was murdered. Alfeson's neighbours called the police after hearing shouting and gunshots. When the police arrived, they found Alfeson dead, in a hammock. A neighbour states that he...
  8. Mental Puppy

    Prison director killed

    Happened In Honduras, not a lot of info, only that a prison director was killed in a hail of bullets, his bodyguard and one cop that was included in his protection detail was also killed.
  9. Mental Puppy

    You can run, but you can't hide

    34 year old Brazilian woman boarded a bus to Paraguay without informing family. Just as the bus crossed the border into Paraguay they stopped at a rest stop. Unsuspecting to her a male and female waited for her and killed her. At least she got to go for that piss break.
  10. Mental Puppy

    German guy kills 9year old neighbor.

    These are the pics that goes with the post from McM in the world news section. Marcel Heße (19) from Herne, Germany wanted to commit suicide on Monday 03-06-17 but didn't go through with it. He wanted to commit a crime that's prison worth before he goes away so he killed the 9-year old neighbor...
  11. DeathHand

    Call Girl Suitcased

    A local found this nice suitcase and unzipped it to find a young woman's body stuffed into it. The young lady was a local call girl who went by the name, k get this, "Tinkerbell". Anyways, Tinkerbell is dead and the police have no leads - they'll probably let this one slide in case someone...
  12. SicMonster666

    2 teen girls found murdered after attending dance

    Two young girls were found dead after a invitation & attending a "Funk" dance. The girls ages 14 & 19 were murdered after being invited by "friends" of social networks. The murder occurred last Sunday, near a highway in Rio-Santos, in the city of Angra dos Reis. The bodies had multiple...
  13. DeathHand

    Shot Dead + Machete Chops

    * Might be a repost ~ please let know if it is. This guy was known to police as a petty criminal (mostly theft). He had recently become unemployed and seems to have decided to steal something from the wrong person/people. Coruripe, Brazil, Feb. 7, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4. No more stealing for...
  14. DeathHand

    Dead Mexicans: Dump Thread

    Alot of single photos don't get posted, but I still collect them all. So with this thread, I've put together dozens of images of Mexicans who were killed during the cartel wars and a few that died as the result of vehicle accident. Some of these I've posted in other threads (or others have) so...
  15. Mental Puppy

    Couple shot and killed

    On the evening of Thursday the 2nd, a couple was shot dead. According to the military police, the man identified as Washington 25 yrs old and a woman who have not had been identified were found with 380 caliber shots. The Civil Police investigtes the motivations that led to double murder and...
  16. Mental Puppy

    Beaten and possibly tortured

    The body of a 24 year old man was found yesterday morning by a group of boys whom ran home and told their families. The corpse showed signs of heavy bruising, beating and torture. Tennis shoe laces were used to gag him and a stick had been used to "twist" his face. The body was identified by the...
  17. Mental Puppy


    On Wednesday 25th May, a man clubbed his 72 year old father to death. The pair had a long history of conflict. The son also worked for his father. The son claimed he acted in self defence, though this is not believed by locals or police.
  18. Mental Puppy

    Another head bashed

    Around 5:30am yesterday morning (Brazilian time), a local resident found the body of a 31 year old male whom lived locally. The body showed signs of violence and his head was partially covered by a large stone. And obviously bashed in.
  19. Mental Puppy

    Dead rotten girl

    On the morning of Friday the 20th, the body of Cosmira , 21, aka "bagudinha" which had been missing since Saturday the14th, was found in the river Almada. According to the victim's mother's information, "bagudinha" went to a party with her boyfriend and did not return. Also according to the...
  20. Mental Puppy

    Burnt and dead

    11th May, police responded on a call from locals about a body hanging in a tree. Police searched but didn't find anything. On the 12th the police returned and this time located the body, but was not hanging in a tree. Police suspect the executioner returned to cut the body down abd burn it to...
  21. Mental Puppy

    Down the drain

    No ID was found on the victim, discovered in a drainage ditch with a bag over the face. Cause of death was thought to be asphyxiation.
  22. Mental Puppy

    12guage shots to the head.

    Shootout between drug gangs with several people using pistols and shotguns. After all said was done this poor fucker was lying in the street. Still unidentified but what looks like 2 close range 12 guage shots.
  23. Mental Puppy

    Body put in tomb

    A gravedigger of a Cemetery was faced with a very unusual situation on Saturday morning (16). He found that one person was killed and placed in a tomb.The official who prefers not to be identified - said walking through cemetery and noticed that there was a trail of blood by one of the tombs...
  24. Dr. Gauner

    Man Shot to Death Inside His Residence

    In the early hours of September 22, 2015, a mason of 46 years was shot dead inside his residence. The victim was found dead lying on a couch in the house where he lived alone. Neighbors reported to police that they heard knocking on doors and firearm shots at dawn, and in the morning found the...