1. Bloody Kisses

    How girls behave at a music festival.

  2. Cuntpunisher

    Seeing old band mates you toured with for years

    I am a professional musician, been playing in non stop touring bands for almost 15 years. I just ran across some of my old band mates from the first band I started playing death metal with. We were all 16-18. It was insane, very fun, and it was early 2005-06 and we were playing super tech odious...
  3. Y

    New music updates

    Hi there check out the latest Nigerian rap singles on my blog. Check site here Download the song on that Image
  4. R

    ISIS music?

    Hi! Can anyone help me? I searching the music from ISIS videos, but no results. I added mp3 file. (Sorry for the mistakes, I don't speak in english, very well.)
  5. Jessicafletcher

    We don't have to... But it helps

    Compilation I made with music
  6. cadaver1


  7. DeathHand

    DH Plays 'Bastille Day' Cover

    This is an awesome that I grew up with as I learned guitar. This was a late night recording of me playing a cover to RUSH's song 'Bastille Day.' I only recently learned it and there's a few fuck ups here and there. Being 'late night' means that I couldn't crank it up because I live...
  8. snatch

    hollywood vampires

    anyone see them? i gots tics but if joe taint there...