1. DeathHand

    beatings Young Woman Gets Gang Beating (BR)

    It appears this this young lady was caught stealing from a Brazilian gang, so they stuck her in a room and beat the crap out of her with big wooden sticks as punishment. Her legs seem to have taken it the worst (normal defensive reaction when on ground and prone is to raise legs and hands) and I...
  2. Maleficent

    cartels ~Cartel Baseball Bat Punishment Part 2~

    :shrug: Part one available here : beatings - ~Baseball Bat Punishment By Cjng Members Part 1
  3. Donkeyd

    fights He stole a cellphone in Brazil

    street justice
  4. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Just Another Day In Africa

  5. Sarka

    beatings Punishment of a soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for drunkenness

  6. Sarka

    Man is shot in the knee after being caught in a motel with drug trafficker's wife

  7. Sarka

    beatings Couple who robbed and stabbed application driver are punished by criminal faction

    Members of a criminal faction violently punished a man and a woman who assaulted and stabbed an app driver late Monday,22/11, morning. Three videos were recorded by the criminal group itself, which mercilessly punishes the assailant couple with many blows to the hands, arms, back kicks...
  8. Sarka

    Girl ruthlessly punished by drug dealers

  9. Lovdatchiggin

    Spanky, spanky.

    I was thinking at first that the shimmery object was a lawnmower blade.
  10. Gored

    Breaking His Arms W/ Giant Planks

    Fucking hell lol this hurts my bad arm
  11. Anarchy75

    Monkey black cunt plays with her monkey friends🖕😂🖕

    This video clip actually makes me smile from ear2ear & i can watch shit like this for years to come🖕😂🖕
  12. Gored

    Thief Rewarded W/ Mercy & His Life

    Quite literally gets a "slap on the wrist" compared to the rest
  13. Gored

    Russian Man Gets a Flogging

    He won't be able to lay down comfortably for a few weeks:whip:
  14. MK_ultra

    Yakuza Hitman Beaten For Failed Murder

  15. chowcat

    Torturing skinny black people

  16. sdsaDsa

    screaming bitch gets 2x4 beating by cartel for not following orders

    He's lucky he didn't just get beheaded. Dude wails like a bitch and tries to pull up pants
  17. Brainfart

    Women getting wood

  18. james west

    brutal punishment for thief

    caught stealing from church
  19. LemonSky

    brazil stick game(took it like a champ)

  20. Nag_Nash

    cartel punishment

    this is what the cartels call "tablazos" this is a punishment mostly reserved to disobedient cartel members mostly the lower level members like the lookouts or runners. Its usually done with a board (a 2x4) but other things have been used before and this punishment is also being used by other...
  21. LemonSky

    whip punishment

  22. Savagelegacy6364

    Couple Punished in The Snow

    Wonder what they did. Does it really matter though?
  23. Ourang Medan

    Spanking with a bat.

    Looks like capital punishment to the extreme