1. Snor

    Drill to conditioning Opinions.

  2. Tattooedmaniac

    Serious UK could be seen as racist if they do not elect a paki for prime minister.

    So I saw this on the news today thought I was imaging it, is the western world gone nuts. If an electorate does not win it usually means they are not happy with their plans and or agendas for the country. This could be possibly the stupidest headline /story I have heard to date UK ‘will be...
  3. Smooby

    Good boys accidentally murder a bunch of people with SUV

    The narrative going around is that they weren't trying to ram into a huge crowd of people and kill them, they were simply fleeing the scene where they stabbed someone, can you see where this is going? In the coming weeks please keep in mind the incident with James Alex Fields Jr during the...