run over

  1. Firegoddess420

    Valentine's Day confrontation between wife and side chick

    The suspect "Wife": Kasheena Mordica February 16, 2017: A tragic CONFRONTATION happened in Miami, Florida on Valentine’s Day – between two women romantically involved with 32-year-old Marco Mack. A woman named Kasheena Mordica is being charged with second-degree attempted murder and also with...
  2. Nex

    Elderly man on bike crushed

    May 8th, 2016 He lost control riding alongside the road and a truck took mowed him down. Curbside coffin at the ready
  3. Nex

    Guy runs over 2 robbers, dying on scene

  4. DeathHand

    Train Mauls Man

    Witnesses report that this dude was crossing the train tracks at a level crossing but that he was too slow and the train nailed him. Makurdi, Nigeria, Aug 4, 2015 Not the greatest images... 1. 2. 3. Not sure - but that looks like a diaper... 4.