1. Maleficent

    accident *Child Warning* Football Post Fell On Kid's Chest

    In the Tula region, a football goal fell on a child and he died: terrible footage was caught on video The boys played on the sports ground and at some point dropped the gate. Having gathered the three of them, they began to lift them, but it did not work out - the iron structure fell right on...
  2. Maleficent

    accident ~His Day Can't Get Any Worst Than That~

    Translated from russian article : Hard shots of a terrible accident on the Moscow Ring Road: a taxi demolished a car standing on an emergency gang. The driver caught fire along with the car. Information about the victim is specified. Emergency services are on site..
  3. D.O.A.

    accident Fixing your car in the middle of traffic

  4. ZeroK

    bizarre Crazy Russian

  5. Maleficent

    accident ~Russia - 6yo Kid Slams Into Wall After Riding Down Escalator On Bike~

    :facepalm: "In Klin near Moscow, a boy on a bicycle decided to ride the escalator: the result is resuscitation All this happened in the mall. A 6-year-old boy accelerated on a gentle escalator, and at the end he could not slow down and powerfully hit a glass door. The father was busy with...
  6. Maleficent

    accident *Child Warning*~Russia - 9yo In Critical Condition After Go-Kart Crash~

    :facepalm: "In St. Petersburg karting, a 9-year-old boy lost control and crashed into a fence The incident took place in a club on Energetikov Avenue. The child is in critical condition in intensive care. The prosecutor's office checks compliance with the requirements of the legislation on...
  7. ZeroK

    bizarre Violence On The Stage

  8. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Dumbfuck jumps to his death while holding umbrella

    In Novosibirsk, a man with an umbrella in his hands made a "leap of faith" and crashed to death Eyewitnesses reported that at first the inadequate person threw chairs and basins at passers-by and defecated on them. And then he took an umbrella and sat on the railing of the balcony. The doctors...
  9. Maleficent

    bizarre She'd Make A Good Reporter

  10. Maleficent

    accident *Child Warning* ~Carousel Collapse In Russia's Orenburg Leaving 20 People Injured~
  11. Maleficent

    accident Woman On Sidewalk Hit By Out Of Control Vehicle

    "Krasnodar: because of a BMW driver, another car crushed a pedestrian The man behind the wheel of a German foreign car flew at great speed, did not fit into the left turn and crashed into a Toyota. The blow was so strong that the latter was turned around and thrown at the woman. A pedestrian on...
  12. Specific Redacted

    obey War censorship

    Just a question for the admin if they are able to comment. Who is it thats sticking their finger into all the Ukraine war threads around shock/gore websites ? It seems that most sites who had photos, footage have ran into problems with such threads being deleted and sites going offline.
  13. Maleficent

    accident ~Old Woman Ran Over By Careless Driver~

    From the streets of Moscow: The driver accidentally ran over a pensioner who became ill in the courtyard of the house An elderly woman lost consciousness and fell on the road in front of the entrance. The driver was leaving the yard at that time. The man, apparently, did not notice the person...
  14. DeathHand

    War Russian Su-34 Bombs Wrong Country ~ It's Own

    Russian Bomber Accidentally Bombs Russian City ~ Belgorod Belgorod, Russia April 21, 2023 "Russia’s military acknowledged that a bomb accidentally dropped by one of its warplanes caused a powerful blast in a Russian city not far from Ukraine’s border, injuring two and scaring local residents...
  15. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Dude fell from 17th floor while placing banner

    In Moscow's Novogireevo district, a man fell from the roof of a 17-story building while placing a banner on the KRAKEN illegal substances site. According to eyewitnesses, one of the performers of the advertising campaign tried to straighten the transparent on the edge of the roof, as a result...
  16. Guipago

    Everybody loves Russia.

    Thank you Mr Putin for sending Finland to NATO. NATO member Finland breaks ground on Russia border fence
  17. Baltazarus

    beatings Gypsy beating his sister!

    VIDEO: Gypsy beating the shit out of his sister for fucking Russian. I am surprised that this bitch creature didn't fuck her own brother before fucking random Russian guy. Imagine white person fucking gypsy? MY GOD!
  18. DeathHand

    War Carnage on the Zhytomyr Highway, Ukraine (2022)

    Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine, March 2022 Ukrainian civilians attempted to flee as Russian forces moved into their area but a number of them were shot and killed in their vehicles and some on foot along their only escape route, on the Zhytomyr highway. Involved in these civilian deaths/shootings was one...
  19. Sarka

    bizarre Man survived after falling from the 19th floor

    Russia - A man in Voronezh survived after falling from the 19th floor onto a parked car. According to eyewitnesses on social networks, the incident occurred on April 4 on Kolesnichenko Street. Local residents reported that the man was intoxicated. Before falling, he shouted something from the...
  20. Maleficent

    accident ~She Wasn't Paying Attention~

    In Moscow, the girl was run over by KamAZ: terrible footage of the accident was caught on video A 25-year-old resident tried to cross a pedestrian crossing while talking on the phone. She probably expected the heavy truck to freeze. However, the driver, on the contrary, began to actively pick...
  21. P

    War Ukrainian tried to make a trap for Russian soldiers in an abandoned apartment.

    This is not the first time they making mine traps for Russian soldiers. Ukrainian Nazi are so desperate that they even mine the bodies of dead own comrades.
  22. Dirlwanger

    fights Tyuman Oblast - Two Women Fight Over a Man

    Lucky Guy
  23. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre stupid bitch climbing wires and fell to her death

    In the Sverdlovsk region, a woman crashed to death while trying to cross the street on wires. The incident happened about an hour ago. Before her death, the unfortunate climbed onto the roof of a five-story building. She managed to move a few meters along the wire. Then she hung only on her...
  24. Maleficent

    bizarre ~Wheelchair Bound Man Pushed To His Death~

    :death: In Bishkek, a man threw a citizen in a wheelchair into a river channel at the intersection of Ryskulov and Zavodskoy settlement streets. He died. This was reported in the police department of the capital. “Earlier, service 102 received information that a man was found in the canal at...
  25. Guipago

    More nuke threats.

    The ex-president of Russia licking Putin's arse by threatening to nuke other countries----maybe the West should do a pre-emptive strike on them after all the threats. Former Russian president Medvedev threatens Germany, dangles nuclear warning
  26. Maleficent

    bizarre ~Russian Guy Jumps From Window~

    :death: Russia
  27. Maleficent

    accident ~Worker Killed While Repairing Trolleybus~

  28. Maleficent

    bizarre ~Madman Climbed Onto The Wires & Fell To His Death~

    :facepalm: In Saratov, a man who tried to escape from emergency services by wire crashed to death Eyewitnesses noticed the young man on the roof and immediately called the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The rescuers who arrived at the place tried to persuade the inadequate person to go...
  29. FlatLiner21

    Russian soldier with tunnel vision pays ultimate price while rushing Ukrainian trench. Gets smoked by the Predator.

    Russian soldier gets smoked by the Predator
  30. Sarka

    War Four Ukrainian saboteurs neutralised while trying to invade the Bryansk region of Russia

    December 17th, 2022 According to the Russian Federal Security Service, they were carrying SIG Sauer submachine guns, communication and navigation devices, and four IEDs with a total capacity of about 40 kg of TNT. Video by Russian Federal Security Service.
  31. Lord Gutsy

    beatings don't snitch bitch

  32. D.O.A.

    The moment the USA traded "The Lord of War" for a WNBA player

  33. Maleficent

    beatings ~Woman Tied To Tree & Whipped~

  34. DeathHand

    War Dead Soldiers, Civilians, Destruction: Ukraine-Russia Conflict (Mega Comp)

    This thread will be much the same as the other one I had before it had to be deleted, along with most other similar posts a while back. It'll contain images of dead soldiers (both sides), dead civilians and the destruction of the war. Some images can be obtained in sets for the same events but...
  35. Maleficent

    bizarre ~Taking A Crazy Naked Woman For A Ride~

    :wtf2: Wild footage filmed in Volgograd has gone viral on the network. On the recording, a completely naked and heart-rendingly screaming woman, clinging to the trunk of a car, was dragged along an icy road. The incident took place on February 25 in the village of Verkhnyaya Shipyard...
  36. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre drunk fuck self immolates

    Rough translation from article: Fierce game from the Moscow region: the seller of a hardware store set himself on fire to expel a former colleague Aleksey was finishing his working day when a drunken Arseniy appeared in the supermarket. As a seasoned man, he began to rage and made a conflict...

    Video & Image Request Thread

    Post your Video/Image Requests here and hopefully the members will be able to help :D
  38. ASU-85

    It’s like we have gone back to the 70s.

    Taliban sets up investment consortium with firms from Russia, Iran.
  39. Maleficent

    accident ~The Gate Is Heavy~

    Russia - In the suburbs, the gate almost killed a man who tried to open them Huge iron gates powerfully crushed the unsuspecting driver. A passer-by and a passenger of the car came to his aid, who could hardly lift the structure a little. The victim survived but was hospitalized with fractures.
  40. Donkeyd

    WW2 Focke discovered in Russia back in 89

    This German Focke-Wulf Fw 190 was discovered in 1989 in the woods near St. Petersburg.😳 Feldwebel Paul Rätz crashed with this fighter in 1943 after attacking a Soviet armored train. It was restored and is currently the only airworthy Fw 190 with an original BMW 801 engine. The guy who designed...
  41. Maleficent

    Warning ~14 Year Old Girl Falls From Window & Dies~

    Not sure if it was an accident or suicide....filmed with "black-out vision" potato cam.. :death: In the Gatchina district of the Leningrad region, the circumstances of the death of a teenager are being investigated. As it became known to, in Gatchina, a 14-year-old schoolgirl filmed a...
  42. DeathHand

    The Moscow Theater Hostage Crisis (2002)

    The Moscow theater hostage crisis (also known as the 2002 Nord-Ost siege) was the seizure of the crowded Dubrovka Theater by Chechen terrorists on 23 October 2002, which involved 850 hostages and ended with Russian security services killing or causing the death of at least 170 people. The...
  43. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre lost control on the ice

  44. Guipago

    Another Oligarch down!

    Bugger Me! Another 'accident' this time in India, apparently, two Oligarch's were in India for whatever when one died from a mysterious 'heart attack' the other threw himself off a high terrace 3 days later after becoming 'depressed' over his friend's death. Funny, they'd both criticised Putin's...
  45. ZeroK

    beatings Saving Granny

  46. Maleficent

    bizarre ~Obese Wife is Murdered By Her Cannibalistic Husband~

    :death: Mostly censored, unfortunately, but if you pause at the right moment… In Abkhazia a maniac killed, dismembered and tried to eat his obese wife. The man was apprehended right at the scene of the crime, when he cut off more pieces of meat from his unhappy wife. The villain was a...