1. Cold Ethyl

    Scientists reveal face of 10-foot 'killer tadpole' that terrorized Earth long before the dinosaurs

    By piecing together fragments of an ancient skull, scientists have reconstructed the haunting face of a 330 million-year-old crocodile-like "tadpole" creature, revealing not only what it looked like but also how it may have lived. Scientists have known about the extinct species, Crassigyrinus...
  2. Maleficent

    accident Man's Face Is Bloodied With A Hole In His Head

  3. kesha13

    bizarre Some Dude Scalping Himself

    Some people saying it's fake, but I'm not so sure. Drugs are a hell of a drug. And good acting by those flies.
  4. punkduck

    Car from hell - Accident aftermath

    If they move that skull will shatter...
  5. G

    Fight Ends as Head Connects With Kerb

    That noise... If I found the right story, he survived but was 'seriously injured'. No shit!