stabbed to death

  1. DeathHand

    University Student Killed By Ex

    A young female university student who was killed by her former boyfriend who stabbed her to death when she refused to get back with him. The dude then attempted suicide with a lousy attempt to cut his throat when he heard the woman's sister knocking on the front door. He passed out but...
  2. DeathHand

    Wife|Mother|Sister Murdered

    For whatever reason the husband of a young woman lost it and went on a rampage: stabbing his wife to death along with her mother and one of her younger sisters (in-laws). Chances are that a sickle of some sort was the weapon of choice. Meiya, Myanmar, Dec. 10, 2017. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5...
  3. DeathHand

    Hi-Rez Female Autopsy (4)

    Over the years China has proven to be a great source of HQ images of autopsies - male and female. Usually, however, there is no background information about the case and they are difficult to trace back to their originating source/site. Anyways, this set has no background info (date is a...
  4. DeathHand

    Father Kills Daughter, 9

    The killer in this case was the father of 2 young daughters. Reportedly, due to his drinking problem, his wife up and left him - taking their youngest daughter with her. The mother left the eldest daughter, 9 years old, with her husband. Soon afterwards the father went into a rage (not sure if...
  5. DeathHand

    Botched Robbery = 2 Dead

    This young boyfriend and girlfriend rode their motorbike to a beach for, I dunno...get some fresh air? Anyways, three men (armed with knives or a machete) were on the prowl early that evening and came across the young couple. The men approached them and began demanding that the two hand over...
  6. DeathHand

    Brazil: Dose of Death 2

    This new mega thread, 'Brazil: Dose of Death 2', will continue from where the original thread left off. I won't be posting images in the original thread anymore ~ they'll be getting posted here. Folks are welcome to contribute any content that they have. Link to original thread: Brazil: Dose of...
  7. eumesmo

    dont stop stabing please

  8. Nex

    Stabbed Twice In The Neck

    August 8th, 2016 Caruaru, Brazil This da Silva killed was returning home after an afternoon and evening of drinking when an unknown assailant snuffed him. This was the 6th murder in August and the 136th of the year 2016 in Caruaru.
  9. DeathHand

    Woman: Multiple Stabs to Face

    This woman was found dead with numerous stabs wounds to her face and her body. She was wearing only a bra and shorts. Neighbours reported seeing a young male around her residence but no arrests have been made. Tlapehuala, Mexico, Feb. 29, 2016. 1. 2.
  10. Nex

    Domestic dispute leads to fatal stabbing

    Not many details on this one. The 26 year old was stabbed to death by her 40 year old boyfriend. He is currently hospitalized for defensive wounds and under guard by the police until he can be put in jail and stand trial.
  11. Mental Puppy

    Woman stabbed and bled out.

    26 year old woman was sitting in her living room drinking beer with a few friends. Witnesses say that her husband (a violent ex-content just released) arrived at the door and burst into the sitting room yelling "No one makes a sucker out of me!" One of her friends tried to settle him down, to...
  12. Mental Puppy

    Woman stabbed to death by cousin.

    A 32 year old woman was stabbed to death by her 19 year old cousin, after her 19 year old boyfriend, a member of the notorious Northern Family gang in Brazil discovered she had cheated on him whilst he was in prison. He asked her cousin, who is addicted to drugs, to kill her and her cousin...
  13. Mental Puppy

    Stabbing done right

    Not much info other than a very brutal stabbing.
  14. Mental Puppy

    Gangsters killed in hospital

    In the early hours of Tuesday the 19th two criminals who were admitted to the Hospital after a gunfight were killed with a knife in the medical unit. According to the first information, individuals identified as Allysson and Erisson were hospitalized after being shot in a robbery, a military...
  15. Mental Puppy

    Merchant stabbed and shot

    A merchant, José 56, was found dead on the morning of Thursday (14), he was missing since last night and rigor mortis had already set in. Police said he was killed last night. He was hit with several knife and shotgun wounds. Money was found in his clothes so the Civil Police ruled out robbery...
  16. Mental Puppy

    Stabbed while with friends.

    A 20 year old was stabbed to death on the afternoon of Tuesday ( 05), Weslley 20 , who was unemployed and was drinking with two friends was killed by two elements that fled the scene. Cape Valdemar and the soldier Simon , obtained information that the two killers were on the street ,drinking to...
  17. JimiFloyd420

    Brutal rival gang execution

    In Brazil. You guessed it.
  18. DeathHand


    Police report that one or more men broke into this woman's house with the intention of robbing her. It they did rob her and then they raped her before stabbing her to death and carving one of her hands off to get off a few gold bracelets that she was wearing. Hate the censoring shit...but gotta...
  19. Ra's Al Ghul

    woman stabbed

    this might be a repeat, but this is the 1st time i came across the entire set : The young woman - estimated to be approximately 20 years old, but unidentified - was found by the roadside yesterday afternoon . She was stabbed in neck and abdomen, but was still alive and could tell that she...
  20. DeathHand

    16 Yro Girl Stabbed to Death

    This 16 year old girl was attacked and stabbed to death. The killer left the knife (which look more like a post-WW2 dagger) in her neck. Thailand, July 12, 2015. 1. 2. 3. 4. A better photo would have been nice...
  21. DeathHand

    Teen Killed ~ Flesh Eaten

    This set goes back 6 years - I've seen the pics before but I don't think it was on GG. The original pics are small and I had to enlarge these. But, ya never know :) Anyways, a father and a few of his buddies went after this 16 year old boy after he had allegedly hit the father's boy with a car...
  22. DeathHand

    Castrated: Dick In Mouth

    This guy was found dead and castrated in a motel room. He had a girlfriend but they always fought and she'd go to her brothers for backup. Well it appears that the brothers caught up to the guy, stabbed him to death, brought his body to a motel and cut off his dick and stuffed it into his...