stabbed to death

  1. RebelFX

    Crime Smoke Shop Store Owner Stabs and Kills Robber Who's Last Words Were: "I'm dead"

    Sounds like chat from a game like Counter Strike... "I'm dead! I'm dead." BOOM He called it! Happened on my birthday August 3rd
  2. RebelFX

    Crime Some Black Chick Stabs Her Little Brother to Death on FB Live (can't see stabbing but fun to listen to)

    Quite unfortunately, we can't see the stabbing but I'm uploading anyway because it's fun to hear him scream
  3. RebelFX

    Crime Dude Gets Stabbed While on TikTok Live (poor quality and can't see the stabbing but him bleeding out)

    Top right is the dude that gets stabbed but his cam was not on, his camera comes back on at 2:00 in where he tells what happened and bleeds out... details below A man is dead following a stabbing incident while live on tiktok at his home in tunapuna early this morning (thursday 7th march...
  4. RebelFX

    Warning:Children Adrian Gwapo Stabbing and Failed Resuscitation - Note: They're Over 18 the People Involved But By Standers Not Sure -

    Tik Tok "star" gets poked a bit... Did not make it. The Stabbing: The Failed Attempt to Save Him: The Dude Who Stabbed Him:
  5. Nikolaiev

    French teacher stabbed to death by ''possessed'' student Personnal note : I live in France, I see it as the triumph of techno totalitarianism. Youth donuts in violence, the cult of the performance of narcissism, consumption, pornography...
  6. DyingStar

    Crime Guy who resisted robbery gets stabbed to death