1. cadaver1

    Kepp stabbing the fucker

    TORTURE: Rival Brutally Stabbed Hundreds of Times | theYNC
  2. cadaver1

    Attacking the rival

    Two Gang Member Being Stabbed and Clubes In Head Til Dead by Rivals | theYNC
  3. cadaver1

    (robbery gone wrong) Armed robber stabs shop keeper and customer
  4. cadaver1

    Neo-Nazis stab homeless bloke

    The footage is a little grainy...
  5. DeathHand

    Call Girl Stabbed

    This 28 year old woman was a mother of 4 kids, a crack addict and a call girl or prostitute. She was found dead in the middle of a street near the local prison with a stab wound to her chest. No arrests and no motive: probably a settlement of differences. Campina Grande, Brazil, Jan. 9, 2017...
  6. LoCarb

    Informational ISIS video

    They've done the deed with giving us a very informational video about the many ways they do their dumbassery. Not a bad watch, with the Hollywood-grade graphics and all
  7. Mental Puppy

    Woman stabbed and bled out.

    26 year old woman was sitting in her living room drinking beer with a few friends. Witnesses say that her husband (a violent ex-content just released) arrived at the door and burst into the sitting room yelling "No one makes a sucker out of me!" One of her friends tried to settle him down, to...
  8. Mental Puppy

    Woman stabbed to death by cousin.

    A 32 year old woman was stabbed to death by her 19 year old cousin, after her 19 year old boyfriend, a member of the notorious Northern Family gang in Brazil discovered she had cheated on him whilst he was in prison. He asked her cousin, who is addicted to drugs, to kill her and her cousin...
  9. R a n d o m

    Teen fight ends in deadly stabbing.

    Deng Pan (13 years old) was killed by Yang Sheng (15 years old) when a fight escalated from a simple brawl and ended with the 13 year old being chased down and stabbed repeatedly after the older brandished a knife. Happened May 13, 2016 in Qiyang County(South eastern China) and the teen has...
  10. Mental Puppy

    Stabbing done right

    Not much info other than a very brutal stabbing.
  11. DeathHand

    Woman Kills Woman

    An altercation occurred in a bar and resulted in one woman stabbing another woman to death. Brazil, March 29, 2016 1. 2. 3. The killer.
  12. Dr. Gauner

    5 Little Boys Stabbed To Death

    A 24 year old man recently released from a mental hospital became agitated by the sound of his neighbor's kids playing. Knife in hand, he went next door to where the children were playing and beginning stabbing them. 5 children (all brothers, all less than 12 years old) were killed. 4 died at...
  13. Dr. Gauner

    14-Year-Old Cock Tease Stabbed 40 Times

    In the early hours of September 23, 2015, a 14-year-old died in hospital after being stabbed 40 times . According to the Military Police, the crime occurred in an alley. When police arrived on the scene they found a girl with multiple perforations in the body caused by a knife, she was quickly...
  14. gruesome

    Snuff Horror Feature on Amazon Prime

    New snuff animation live action horror feature on Amazon Prime Here is trailer for feature Mr D Dark Extreme Trailer Link to Amazon Prime Mr D's No Thing Tales
  15. SicMonster666

    Man is killed brutally by shooting, stabbing and stoning

    On the evening of Friday 13th 2015, a man was brutally killed with shots, stabs and stones, it happened in the in the neighborhood of Valentina Figueiredo. According to local residents, the victim - a man still unidentified - was taken to the place where he was executed by unknown suspects. The...
  16. DGS120

    Headslaps and INSANE stabbing

    Haven't a clue what's going on in this compilation of torture and execution footage from Syria, I'm guessing it's Bashar's men doing the nasties. Anyway, the headslaps get a bit tedious so zoom to 4:48 and watch the madman stab the dead's not long but it's well worth seeing. It's quite...
  17. Xploit Machine

    Raffles Place MRT Stabbing - Singapore

    Police have classifed Friday's shocking Raffles Place lunchtime stabbing as an "armed robbery with hurt". A spokesman said one of the two men taken to Singapore General Hospital has been arrested and investigations are ongoing. The violent daylight robbery attempt smack in the centre of...
  18. _Xtina_

    Naked stabbing suicide

  19. hecknatude

    stabbing as cops watch

  20. D.O.A.

    Tiawan subway stabbing pictures

    breaking news... A knife-wielding attacker has gone on a stabbing spree aboard a Taipei subway train, killing four people and wounding 21 others.
  21. D.O.A.

    GG video Brazil prison stabbing

  22. schlaakd920

    Street Fight Stabbing Leaves Man Dead On The Sidewalk

    Street Fight Stabbing Leaves Man Dead On The Sidewalk The stabbing was nice but my favorite part was when the guy fell against the wall and slumped over blood pissing down from his neck, he knows its over and doesn't care about a thing...
  23. bowhaze

    Street Stabbing - One Dead Woman

    The victim was identified as Maria Aparecida Ferreira da Silva, 26-years-old. Witnesses told the police, that the woman was walking down the street and stopped, when she was talking to a transvestite. They started to argue about an unknown topic and their conservation became more aggressive...
  24. bowhaze

    Attempted Rape Ends With Stabbing

    On Thursday the 25th, a man broke into the home of Jhuly Oliveira de Souza, a 15-years-old tennage girl. The unknown man stabbed her to death. He also tried to rape the helpless girl. Moments before he could rape her, he was disturbed by a neighbor of the girl, who entered the scene after he had...
  25. Celtic Lad

    Pavement Stabbing

    A man lies dead on the pavement in a pool of blood after he was stabbed.
  26. Massenvernichtungwaffen

    Troy Kell Stabbing Inmate Loonie Blackmon to Death

    Troy Michael Kell (born June 13, 1968) is an inmate on death row in Utah. Troy Kell was sentenced to life in prison by the State of Nevada for the 1986 murder of James "Cotton" Kelly. Shortly after his conviction he was transferred to the Utah State Prison as part of a prisoner exchange program...
  27. C_R

    Husband Kills Wife by Stabbing Her to Death

    Here’s one wife that was shown what’s coming to her for serving cold supper. We need more husbands like that. There are way too many women who would disobey their man. Unheard of. Time to put a stump on that shit and show them bitches where their place is. All kidding aside, what appears as a...
  28. C_R

    Suicidal Stabbing