1. Lord Gutsy

    accident Climbed on top of train & got zapped

  2. Lord Gutsy

    accident Train fucked up rider

  3. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre It wasn't her time to die

    Even death doesn't want her
  4. Lord Gutsy

    accident Fucking bitch is still alive
  5. Lord Gutsy

    fights Chinks fighting in the train

  6. Monkman777

    disaster He Thinks He Got A Train

  7. Lord Gutsy

    accident Paki taken out by train

  8. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Avoided certain death

  9. LittleJohn

    accident Compilation of Pieces of Poo Getting Smashed

    Some, obviously seen here at GG before, however, it’s nice to see a string of them together.
  10. Monkman777

    disaster Bad Spot To Park

  11. Monkman777

    bizarre Train Going Through Forest Fire

  12. Lord Gutsy

    accident Stupid bitch got hit by train

  13. Monkman777

    bizarre His Legs Not Very Important

  14. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Very creative way to kill yourself

  15. LittleJohn

    accident Train Smashes Into Steel Beam/Cement Girder?

  16. Lord Gutsy

    accident Pulling chink from under train

    China - good job dude
  17. Lord Gutsy

    accident Walking into the train

  18. Lord Gutsy

    accident Not the best place to crash

  19. Lord Gutsy

    accident Paki getting off the train

  20. Lord Gutsy

    accident Chink stuck between train and platform

    China - ouch
  21. Lord Gutsy

    accident Dude getting off the train and went under

    Terrible footage from the Krasnodar region: The man decided to get home in the rear cabin of the train, but an attempt to leave the train at the desired station turned into a tragedy. The victim is now in intensive care.
  22. Lord Gutsy

    accident Dumbass hit by train
  23. Lord Gutsy

    Warning:Children That's What She Fucking Get For Walking On The Tracks

    In Dagestan, a train hit and killed a 15-year-old girl who was walking along the rails wearing headphones. The moment of the collision was caught on video. The schoolgirl walked from Derbent towards Makhachkala.
  24. Lord Gutsy

    accident Paki fell out train

  25. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Idiot hit by train while filming tik tok

  26. LittleJohn

    accident What Indians And Pakis Need

    NOW you can ride and jump in front of trains you pieces of poo.
  27. Lord Gutsy

    accident She caught the train

    Train passengers and locals said that the Dhaka-bound Panchagarh Express train was crossing the Hili border check post area around 4:30 on Thursday afternoon. At this time, the locals screamed seeing a woman hanging in front of the train engine. The train driver stopped the train at Healy...
  28. Lord Gutsy

    accident Hit by train

  29. Bethy 🔥

    accident That Went Off The Rails Quickly

  30. Sgt.Stupid

    accident Good for her, Bad for us

  31. Monkman777

    disaster Hanging Onto Overcrowded Train Didn't Work Out

  32. Monkman777

    bizarre Too Bad No One Smacked Their Dome

  33. seasonsofdeath

    fights Mexican faggots brawling on train after argument

  34. Lord Gutsy

    accident Dude got himself pinned between train and platform

  35. LittleJohn

    accident Another Whack Job

    And I mean WHACK JOB!
  36. Monkman777

    disaster One Lucky Bystander

  37. Nobbler

    accident Train crashes into bus.

  38. Clam

    Funny Hang Kathy Griffin. All Aboard The Huntington LI Trump Train !!

  39. Bethy 🔥

    accident Poor Grandpa 😢

    A tragic incident at Talad Rom Hup. A 73 year old grandfather was walking out of his house and didn't hear the sound of a train. He was hit and his body was torn in two pieces and he died horrifically on the train.
  40. Lord Gutsy

    accident Dumbass trying to stop train

  41. Monkman777

    bizarre Nothing Like A Free Ride

  42. lovestruck

    bizarre US Illegal immigrant takes leg from train accident victim and starts eating it

    There was a train accident involving a deceased victim who lost body parts. Illegal immigrant comes along finds the leg along the tracks and begins to eat ate it before law enforcement gets involved.
  43. Monkman777

    disaster Birdy's Not Immune To Trains

  44. Lord Gutsy

    accident Old boy smoked by train

  45. Nobbler

    Crime Robbery on a train.

  46. Bethy 🔥

    fights Usa madness on the train

  47. LittleJohn

    accident Someone Done Fucked Up!

  48. Lord Gutsy

    accident Dumbass Hit By Train

  49. seasonsofdeath

    bizarre Nigger on wheelchair chimps out on train