1. Monkman777

    disaster Railworker Saves Girl On With Headphones On

  2. Monkman777

    disaster Crane Falls Onto Train

  3. oxy

    accident Guy in agony after getting arm and leg ripped off by train

  4. Monkman777

    bizarre That's A Long Train

  5. Xploit Machine

    accident Woman In Opel Hit By Train

    Woman In Opel Hit By Train Location - Serbia
  6. Maleficent

    accident Idiot Not Paying Attention & Hit By Train

    Sri lanka
  7. Maleficent

    accident Waiting For The Train

  8. Lord Gutsy

    accident dumbfuck electrocuted on top of train
  9. Maven

    accident Truck trying to catch the train

  10. Monkman777

    accident Cop Just Couldn't Wait

  11. AdaBull

    Avoided train-car collision

    By Leede (Belgium). Woman wants to cross a train passage closed for maintenance purposes. 4 train pass per hour. They had to block the railway to avoid a collision. No gore but extremely annoying.
  12. Maleficent

    accident ~Stupid Biker Didn't Hear The Train~

    A 48-year-old man, riding a motorcycle, broke the warning sign. Killed by train in Chachoengsao Province Date 3 Mar. 2023 time 07:13 News Field 7 Colors - There was a tragic incident when a 48-year-old man riding a motorcycle was about to return home. Upon arriving at the railroad crossing did...
  13. Donkeyd

    Serious Greece head on train crash

    news link
  14. Monkman777

    disaster Time To Go

  15. Maleficent

    accident ~Close but No Cigar - Romanian Woman Fatally Struck by Train~

    :death: Brănești, Romania An elderly woman (sources differ over her age - either 68 or 73) was killed when she attempted to cross the railway lines while a train was passing through. Footage shows the woman disregarding the lowered barriers as she attempted to force her way through. At the...
  16. Monkman777

    disaster Blind Driver Crosses Train Track

    Can't see the flag somehow
  17. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre idiot on the tracks

  18. Monkman777

    animals Smooth Doggo

  19. Donkeyd

    fights Lauren Cooper asked to stop vaping on the train

    If you don't know who Lauren Cooper is see second video below v
  20. Monkman777

    disaster Walking In Train Tunnel

  21. Monkman777

    disaster Lucky Curry

  22. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre another dumbass fucking around on the train

  23. Monkman777

    bizarre Guy Nearly Smack By Train

  24. Lord Gutsy

    accident idiot ran across the tracks

  25. Monkman777

    disaster Train/Car Accident In Poland

    53 year old driver escaped from serious injuries (must had been blind)
  26. Monkman777

    accident Oblivious Truck Driver Turns Into Train

  27. Monkman777

    beatings Guy Tossed Out From Moving Train

  28. Monkman777

    disaster Train Smashes Into Trailer

  29. Monkman777

    bizarre New Goregrish Candidates

  30. Maleficent

    accident ~Idiot Walking On Top Of Train Gets Electrocuted~

    :shock: A youth in India suffered eighty % burns over his body, after he climbed and walked on a train roof and came in contct with an overhead wire :facepalm:
  31. Lord Gutsy

    accident Painful way to fucking die

    A passenger died on the night of this Friday (30th) while trying to access the train and getting stuck in the gap between the platform and the train at the Supervia station in Madureira, North Zone of Rio. According to the Fire Department, the Campinho team was called at 8:09 pm, but when they...
  32. Lord Gutsy

    accident Tik Tok Claims Another One

  33. Maleficent

    accident ~Biker Obliterated By Train~

    :death: Vietnam ~ Cổ Dũng Village, Kim Thành District
  34. Maleficent

    accident ~Tik Tokker Hit By Train & Falls Down~

    India ~
  35. Maleficent

    accident ~ 37 Year Old Cyclist Dead On The Spot After Being Hit By Train~

    :death: In the Yaroslavl region, a passenger train on the Moscow-Chita route hit a 37-year-old cyclist to death. The incident occurred yesterday, August 24, at 16:50 on the railway section of the Debolovskaya - Rostov stations. It was established that the victim is a resident of Rostov...
  36. Donkeyd

    How can the Chinese ever be taken seriously?

    They lack zero common sense, nothing works properly and all those ingredients mixed together allow us to view these type of video's. I wonder if their military is the same? High tech run by idiots
  37. Ivan Drago

    bizarre This Guy Is High Or Mentally Ill.....

    ....or both
  38. Lord Gutsy

    accident Idiot Hit By Pole While Hanging On Train

  39. punkduck

    accident The train vs the blade + truck

  40. Lord Gutsy

    accident Taking His Last Selfie

  41. bushybram

    accident Stuck fast and electrocuted on train roof

    The man was already being fried before the first video started, and it took a while to get him down, but he still looks alive when rescued. 2 eye witness videos.
  42. Obber

    Man runs to get on the Train…

    Note: All videos/content that i randomly collected are from the Internet (freaking obvious isn’t it?), just enjoy or hate them. This is not some serious shite (Laugh or Give Criticism, i do not give a fuck! as long as you guys released your loads 👀🤣)
  43. Maleficent

    accident ~Man Brutally Fails A Train Jump~

  44. Lord Gutsy

    bizarre Rescuer dies saving suicidal man

    A few hours ago, at the Skhodnenskaya metro station in Moscow, a man tried to jump onto the rails. At the last moment, trying to save him, he was seized by an eyewitness standing nearby. As a result, the rescuer died, and the schizoid quietly fled the scene. Now the police are looking for him...
  45. Sarka

    accident Drunk man stumbles, falling straight onto moving train

    He died.
  46. D.O.A.

    accident Passenger train hits multiple cars and semi

  47. Brainfart

    Training day

  48. Lord Gutsy

    accident Idiot Hit By Train While Crossing
  49. Lord Gutsy

    Drunk man on train tracks