1. tenguix

    Various Deglovings.

    I decided to post a thread about deglovings. If you don't know what that means, you probably haven't been here long enough. Many of the treatment outcomes are hideous, but much better than the alternative (going untreated). Example of a forearm degloving: Thumb degloving & surgery: Two...
  2. tenguix

    Craniofacial Trauma [compilation].

    I'm gonna post some images -- CT scans, x-rays, and photos -- of fucked up skulls. These people all sustained trauma to their heads and faces; some of them died. {This is post #1 of 2} Trauma victims may be left with ugly-as-fuck faces forever if they forgo proper treatment. For example...
  3. tenguix

    Neglected Foreign Bodies #2

    {Set #1} Unlike the majority of cases in the first thread (excepting the 9-year-old girl), these so-called foreign bodies were intentionally inserted by the patients themselves. I'll start with the females who took matters into their own hands (and, subsequently, their vaginas). An...