1. Ra's Al Ghul

    Female missing for 4 days found dead and daughter breaks down after identifying the corpse at the scene!

    //From my Portuguese chat room sources // Off - Cristiane de Oliveira Miranda Medeiros, 39 years old, who was missing for days, was found dead on the afternoon of this Saturday 24/08 at dawn, in the neighborhood of the colony antônio aleixo, in the eastern part of Manaus, Brazil. Cristiane was...
  2. Ra's Al Ghul

    2 brazilian chicks die after motorcycle accident squishes their heads (aftermath video with dead tits)

    all this is from my Portuguese chatroom source so i can't make head or tail of this shit! I'll attach the translation and give the link to the original article: translation // Two young women died in an accident in Jaboatão yesterday. Profile 1: Cielly Santos...
  3. SicMonster666

    Thick & Curvy

  4. DeathHand

    Leg Caught In Machine

    I'm not sure, but I think this took place in Pakistan or India. Anyways, from our friends at LiveLeak, this video shows the leg of a man that got wrapped up into a shredding/farming machine. The attending doctors figure out how to untangle the pierced leg and partially decapitated foot and then...
  5. DeathHand

    New WTC Collapse Vid?

    I've seen just about every video that came out showing 9/11 and the moments when the twin towers collapsed but I don't think I ever seen this one from this angle. Perhaps others have, and others maybe not: I don't know when the vid was released but it seems to have been fairly recently. So if...
  6. Anubis Fetish

    Funeral Pictures and Videos

    Christina Rivera Slater (January 28, 1997 – October 11, 2011) committed suicide at age fourteen. She was from British Columbia.
  7. snatch

    dead woman in a shack in russian woods

    she was pronounced dead. 2-3 days post mortem. officials do not know details. they suppose the man with the dag to be her mate and he positioned the dag to keep the corpse safe. he appeared from the woods then disappeared w/ the dag.