1. Maleficent

    bizarre ~Paul Pelosi Bodycam Video~

  2. HG

    How can I download a video from WhatsApp?...

    Any ideas/guidance my big brained freinds...
  3. TehBitch

    **Report BUGS /HELP Comments HERE**

    We updated the site!! We realize it's a big change,but the benefits are worth it!. If you're having trouble, find a bug,etc PLEASE POST ITT! *It would be helpful for staff if you provide us with screenshots, links, etc..of bugs.* **For How To's and other helpful information go here:**...
  4. Bethy 🔥

    FYI GG can NOT host the NY shooting video until further notice.

    Hello Everyone! So as of right now, we are not hosting the NY shooting video. If and when we do, you all will be the first to know. Please stop making threads, sending requests and asking where it is. Thanks, Bethy xoxo
  5. Ravenna

    Obey The Walrus

    CreepyPasta Fact: The person in this video is Sandie Crisp. Sandie Crisp was born on January 13, 1960. She was a transgender woman who struggled with polio. During her childhood, she experienced sexual abuse. The clips from the video were taken from the 1994 film titled The Goddess Bunny. Sandie...
  6. momo19611

    what are they stupid it is russian

  7. momo19611

    Moto Couple Destroyed By Drunk Driver In Colombia

    Download 720
  8. momo19611


    Download 720
  9. Lol Dongs

    Phoenix PD Shoot Dead Female Suspect This is a cut from a 7 minute eye witness video.
  10. Lovingit

    Video of A Toddler Imitating Michael Jackson (video)

    A video has been trending on twitter for some while now, and in the video, a toddler can be seen dressed in a dancing outfit while watching Michael Jackson video and imitating every of his move. The adorable video was shared by a twitter user with the handle ‘Kalie Tafoya’ with the following...
  11. Lovingit

    Dad Spends 18 Hours Setting Up Hot Tub In Living Room (Video)

    New Year's Day is a write-off for most of us; a day of nothingness, with the sole objective being to recover as much as possible before returning to work the next day. But one dad in Scotland decided to devote his first day of the decade to setting up a hot tub in his living room - and he got...

    Video & Image Request Thread

    Post your Video/Image Requests here and hopefully the members will be able to help :D