1. Sgt.Stupid

    Guns Tough guys meets Glock

  2. psychochimp25

    fights Flame Thrower sets Mariachi band on fire

  3. DeathHand

    beatings Woman With Boobs Out Gets Beating by Female Gang Members (BR)

    Probably already on GG...if not, cool. Brazil Females beating another woman for some gang-related infraction or another, and they pulled her shirt up to expose some big boobs. Vid:
  4. Monkman777

    disaster Violence In Paris Over Pension Reform

  5. Brainfart

    fights Man panel beating his missus gets a flying headbutt

  6. Bloody Kisses

    beatings WARNING: Domestic Violence: Smaller the penis, larger the ego. 😡

  7. Brainfart

    Warning:Children Lady with pram gets behinded by teenager...

    Happened in Ashfield, Perth...
  8. wiggins

    Aboriginal deaths due to violence and it's all the white mans fault

    Here's a ripper article from that neo marxist hot bed of wild left indoctrination, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, letting us know that the white man is again responsible for the fact that these people not only live like animals they fight like them too. And all at tax payers...
  9. Brainfart

    fights Knockout guitar work

  10. Brainfart

    Goriwa bouncer chokes and face plants guy for not wearing a mask

    The caption with vid said he died later in hospital. Deadly!!!
  11. One-Scruple

    Grandpa 64 Body Slammed And Stamped On.

    Moment brute body slams grandpa 'who dobbed him in for hitting neighbour's car' — The Sun
  12. Nick Cage

    Armageddon now South Africa

    Chaos erupts after sentencing of former president Jacob Zuma. Many across the country are commiting acts of violence in hope of his release, however this has led to retaliation from white and indian communities trying to keep their families and businesses safe. Shootings, beatings and murder are...
  13. Ralph666

    Russian Serial Killer now most prolific in Russia History

    Former Police Officer Mikhail Popkov who is serving a life sentence in a penal colony after being found guilty of 56 murders on Monday - in addition to the 22 he was already serving time for. Of the 77 victims there were only two survivors. One victim said what she recalled was him 'repeatedly...
  14. DeathHand

    Warning:Children Nigeria: Sectarian Violence

    The Nigerian conflict is an armed conflict of militant groups, different representatives of religious groupings and the government of Nigeria. There exist several religions in Nigeria, helping to accentuate regional and ethnic distinctions. The 2010 Jos riots were clashes between Muslim and...