1. ZeroK

    animals Poor Guy Has Rabies

  2. Dolly

    Langya Virus The next plague

    China has discovered a new, potentially fatal virus within its borders, which experts say could trigger yet another pandemic. The Langya Henipavirus, referred to as "Langya," has already infected 35 people, according to Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control ... it's in the same family as the...
  3. 92.eth

    First Human Case of H3N8 Bird Flu Detected in China

    I'm no virologist but besides the supply chain disturbances this is definitely something to keep an eye on. This was said to be the virus of the 1889-1890 pandemic which killed 1 million. Some strains are insanely deadly (75%+) and if it jumps from person to person and back to bird… April 26...
  4. Lovingit

    Checkout The World Class Hospital China Built in 10 Days- To Fight Corona-Virus (Video, Pictures)

    Just a few days after the corona-virus broke out in Wuhan, Chinese government went on high alert pulling every necessary resource to checkmate and control the outbreak, while at that, the Chinese government contracted around 700 managerial personnel’s and about 7,000+ construction workers to...