white trash

  1. ZeroK

    bizarre Twice A Mud Shark

  2. ZeroK

    Police Who's Watching The Kids

  3. Punisher_1

    Walrus attacked by hoodrats

    Some walrus was attacked by hoodrats and the guy that tried to resolve the fight was knocked out. Simply time to get armed and smoke these criminals.
  4. Dr. Johnny Fever

    bizarre Brandy-Joe from Florida is tased in a Walmart - peak white trash has been achieved

    It really doesn't get much more white trash than this: -perps name is Brandy-Joe ✔️ -faceoff with the cops took place in a Florida Walmart ✔️ -Brandy-Joe had recently consumed a goodly amount of crank ✔️ -Brandy-Joe was wearing an outfit a couple sizes too small which highlighted her gunt ✔️...