1. Lord Gutsy

    beatings Black dude got knocked the fuck out

  2. Sgt.Stupid

    bizarre White girl performing Brown people culture.

    I hated it neither :facepalm: Maybe this man is her real father.
  3. Donkeyd

    beatings White guys in Bradford being tortured

    By Pakistanis
  4. Donkeyd

    fights The Self Proclaimed ‘King Of Suburbs’ Gets Melted By Asian Dude In A Denny’s Parking Lot...

    Always good strategy to run straight forward with your hands at your waist
  5. Donkeyd

    fights Like cockroaches..

  6. Donkeyd

    fights Black v white (nice scrap)

    Decent fight, black kid had the reach and height, white kid was weighed done by his huge balls. Unfortunately it's too short
  7. Donkeyd

    fights White v black

    One on one is clearly a different story
  8. Donkeyd

    animals Biggest great white ever recorded

  9. Donkeyd

    Funny Proud to be white

    Haha just not in America
  10. Donkeyd

    fights Boy takes on two

    He cursed his girlfriend. He can fight