1. K.I.T.T.

    Serious Active shooter ‘neutralized’ outside Wisconsin school

    MOUNT HOREB, Wis. (AP) — Witnesses described children fleeing after the sound of gunshots near a Wisconsin middle school where authorities said an active shooter who never got inside was “neutralized” outside the building Wednesday. There were no reported injuries to those inside the school...
  2. Cold Ethyl

    Wisconsin police reportedly ran over and killed a woman they were visiting for a welfare check

    A police officer in Greenfield, Wisconsin, accidentally drove over the woman they were visiting for a welfare check, killing her, according to local media reports The Milwaukee Medical Examiner confirmed that the woman who was hit and killed was Tracie Dorpat, 42, of Milwaukee, according to...
  3. Punisher_1

    Two Wisconsin cops killed over child support issue

    Bodycam footage released by the Wisconsin Department of Justice shows the moments surrounding a deadly shootout between police officers and a man who reportedly “trained to kill” cops. Authorities said officers pulled over 50-year-old Glenn Douglas Perry on April 8 for a warrant on "failure to...