1. Maybe Maggot

    Woman Eats Motorcycle Victim

    A woman was pepper-sprayed and subdued by Brazilian police following an incident over the weekend. An RTA involving a bus and a motorcycle left two dead with one motorcycle victim under the bus. A woman was reported to have crawled under the bus and began eating part of the motorcyclist. First...
  2. Maybe Maggot

    I am the Walrus

    Goo goo g'joob
  3. Bloody Kisses

    What’re fuck kinda game is this?!

  4. Maybe Maggot

    I Spy With My Little Eye...

    ...something beging with f.
  5. Maybe Maggot

    Woman Knocked Unconscious for Taking a Piss

    Happened in Vitória da Conquista, Brazil.
  6. Maybe Maggot

    4 Year Old Girl Drifts Out to Sea on Inflatable Unicorn

    Story from the Record: "...A shocked boat crew were left stunned when they spotted a small child on a unicorn inflatable drifting in the sea. The girl, who is believed to be aged around four-years-old, was found off the coast of the Greek town of Antirio in the Gulf of Corith..."
  7. Maybe Maggot

    A Smashing Floridian Truck Hood Ornament

  8. Bloody Kisses

    What the fucking fuck?

  9. Maybe Maggot

    The Painful Cake

  10. NinjaFoxMasterR

    My boy took his neck getting broke like a CHAMP!

    Fr. This men just laid there not giving af. he just ragdolled. No pain no gain lel.
  11. Bloody Kisses


    this doesn’t need an introduction:
  12. 0111011000111


  13. msr

    Russia---Just another day.

  14. LUNATIC666

    what nightmares are made of

    WTF, click link below, WARNING, once seen it cannot be unseen :tampon: