1. Maybe Maggot

    4 Year Old Girl Drifts Out to Sea on Inflatable Unicorn

    Story from the Record: "...A shocked boat crew were left stunned when they spotted a small child on a unicorn inflatable drifting in the sea. The girl, who is believed to be aged around four-years-old, was found off the coast of the Greek town of Antirio in the Gulf of Corith..."
  2. Bloody Kisses

    What the fucking fuck?

  3. Maybe Maggot

    The Painful Cake

  4. NinjaFoxMasterR

    My boy took his neck getting broke like a CHAMP!

    Fr. This men just laid there not giving af. he just ragdolled. No pain no gain lel.
  5. Bloody Kisses


    this doesn’t need an introduction:
  6. 0111011000111


  7. msr

    Russia---Just another day.

  8. LUNATIC666

    what nightmares are made of

    WTF, click link below, WARNING, once seen it cannot be unseen :tampon: