1. morefiend

    bizarre Man Decapitates Own Father Declares war against Traitors

    Man Decapitates Own Father A Pennsylvania man decapitated his 68 year-old federal government employee dad - then held up the victim's head for a You Tube video blasting the Biden administration. Justin Mohn, 32, beheaded his father Michael at their $390,000 home in Middleton Township...
  2. Mr-Smokey

    accident Youtubers 50 cal explodes survived

    Magic happens at 4 mins
  3. Esker

    accident YouTuber shoots RPG malfunctions and blows the fuck up, survives

  4. frederykruysch

    Guns YouTube Prankster gets shot at a mall

    The delivery driver was found not guilty on some of the charges. The YouTuber showed no regrets recovering in the hospital and said he'd continue doing the “pranks". Worst part is this only makes him more 'famous', I feel bad for the delivery driver.
  5. SRRM420

    accident Car Crash Happens ON Youtuber's RV Stream

  6. Skull81

    Some bullshit for u my friends

  7. Skull81

    Plankton's Bad Ganja Trip

  8. Skull81

    If Disney made A Clockwork Orange

  9. Skull81

    Spingebill's Psychotic Cyanide Rampage

  10. Skull81

    Joe Jiden's state of the onion

  11. Ratte

    Fuckin LOL

    Talk about desperate for cash
  12. CornHub

    July 4th, Celebrate or Don't