Axl Rose sued after 'knocking fan's teeth out with a microphone'


silent ghost
GNR = greatest band from the 80's/early 90's IMO.

Unfortunately, I doubt it. Stirring up shit and getting in trouble's a way of life since forever for Axl.
I would've "agree" with you,but I generally don't think theyre the greatest,but were fucking good.


I'll swallow your soul!
They came to Atlanta a couple of years ago.... he came on late as fuck but played for over 2 hours. It was worth losing a few teeth. I don't care what anybody says about Axl.... he's STILL fucking great. :bird:


well he gets what he deserves throwing shit into the crowd a big nono .....i saw lou reed go to jail in miami for whipping one of his back up singers by accident when he said "and the nigger girls say" in the song walk on the wild side and cracked the whip it hit the girl in the back and leg police jumped on stage in about 3 seconds and had him cuffed he was drunk as hell ..... no charges were pressed ....