'Biblical' floods hit Australia (1 Viewer)


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some 8 meter inland fucking tsunami is ripping shit up here. The area flooded so far is bigger then Texas. Now it's on the news my area has some crazy ass storm growing over it, and it's not good. holy shit.

THE nation confronts its worst flood disaster in living memory, with 30 people believed dead and 78 missing in southeast Queensland.

12,000 cubic metres of water is expected to be flowing out of the Brisbane River per second on Thursday at 3am.



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well thank fuck the state that is underwater right now was never really a good one anyway, so I'm more worried about the water coming from the other direction down from the mountains, I swear to god if my grandad lets one drop of water penetrate the engine of my old yz 80j I'll drown him with his fucking cows


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2:28 I buried it in her ass



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I got a bother up there who's not answerin' his phone and 'm mum rekons the 'internet' is water logged at her work ?!?!

They have to cut the internet cable in darwin, hold it up the air in Tassie until the water drains out. Tell her that.


...that's what you get for talkin about bush fires. Your holy one's all like "hell NAWWWW I'll show you a fuckin bush fire..dick.. I aint that predictable. :hm:"


Wasn't there some 4 year old kid who got rescued? Then fell off the rescue boat/got swept off and drowned? Fucking LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!
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I hope this will be over soon.. DOA, Keith - I hope you and your loved ones are okay.

Has anyone else noticed that this has hardly received any media attention, or support? Unlike, hmm... the earthquake in Haiti?
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I asked this Australian bloke how far away I was from Queensland.
He replied, "It's 20 clicks away mate."

Things must be bad if they've started speaking dolphin.

not bad eh ?

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