Confession: A Roman Catholic App


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Confession: A Roman Catholic App

A forbidden apple got Adam and Eve evicted from the Garden of Eden, but a new Apple app could help sinful Catholics repent.

It's called, aptly enough, Confession: A Roman Catholic App.

It offers Catholics who own iPhones, iPads - and troubled consciences - a cheap, easy way to get right with the Lord.

"This is to help Catholics prepare for confession," said Ryan Kreager of the Indianapolis-based Little iApps firm that developed the app.

It lets the sinner pick a commandment - and then tick off his or her sins. The new app keeps a running tally of slipups so no sin goes unforgiven. It also keeps track of just how much time has elapsed since the penitent's last confession.

The new app doesn't replace the priest. Only they have the power to forgive sins here on Earth. zz1DU5N5E7D
what a relief. now i can easily track my sins on my smartphone, and won't suffer those embarrassing "oops-i'm going-to-hell-for-not-confessing" moments.


it's called, aptly enough

and here was i thinking only american funniest home videos could get away with play-o-words like this