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Not to be a cunt dude, but the way I read it/saw it she was having a smoke in a shopping centre whilst her service dog was off the lead, rozzers gave her a ticket which she should sign for (as I read it, not to sure coz we don’t sign) she refused to sign, got taken to police station and placed in cells, probably said something clever about suicide, police wanna put her in the chair, told to face the wall, kept turning her head when asked not to, cuffed, spat at officer, put in chair but kept wiggling her arse off the seat, tased, arse on seat straps put on,
“Boo hoo police hurt me when I complied so I’m suing”
Like I said I’m getting fed up with people baiting the police then saying I was being good,


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^^ Fair enough,don't know the background but from the vid she wasn't being that arsey with them. Well overboard doing what they did in my opinion.


Well the bill are cunts but like I said it’s a bit wrong calling them cunts when you bait them to be cunts,

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Bro people like you are idiots she was resisting. But a lot of people like you are ignorant and blind so I understand that you're not all there mindset wise.
And it is idiots like you that accept police brutality as normal and think it is okay. I'll be the first to defend the police when some crackhead charges them with a knife for shooting the fucker dead, but there are also plenty of time they use excessive force. Sure this girl wasn't cooperating and being a little shit to them, but they were putting her in the chair and on suicide watch as revenge.


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My point is; dont get there in the first place.

Never say suicidal or homicidal quips etc.

Never lose your shit.

Ive resisted the police plenty. I resist with a smile and a fat jewish lawyer who shows up after ive talked my way out of whatever (usually hooliganism) fuckery ive danced my way in to. Bitch gets paid either way.

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Rule 2 : shut your fucking mouth

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She should have just complied with what they asked of her not sure about the suicide threat as it's of cam if true. But that cop who had her by the head was over the top I'm sure he was pulling her up by the back of her jaw so the other could tazer her.

The cops over there are sadly brutal very quickly the escalation is extreme. Need more middle ground technique s and more cop cams.

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