Man kills himself on webcam in Sweden


I need an old priest and a new priest
Woah...This is mind blowing! I know 2 people that hanged themselves. A guy I worked for years (in ex wifes apartment, over her bed!) and a close childhood friend of mine. I have always thought of self hanging to be an extremely violent way thing to do, due to the instinct to free oneself and breathe. Does anyone else notice that he appears to grease himself up? Perhaps he did so to the floor as well, as to not be able to stand up? Is there a 2 minute delay between images, could he have thrashed about between images....Or am I misunderstanding how he set it up? I am glad to have seen this, it seems that he actually went fairly quickly and without struggle. I like to believe my friend did as well after all of these years of thinking of him thrashing about desperately.