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I have counted to infinity, twice.
This reminds me of a situation I experienced a few years ago. I was in traffic in the right lane of a dual lane road. A tanker semi was in the left lane and got blocked by a bus stopping to let passengers off. The tanker started pulling into my lane despite me being next to him, so I beeped my horn. The driver leaned out of his window and gave me the middle finger as he continued driving into the front of my car. Luckily causing just minor panel damage as I had to drive onto the pavement.

Rather annoyed (well fuming rage) I sped down the pavement and stopped my car over both lanes in front of the truck. I got out and made the guy get out. As I was on home visits in my practice area I couldn’t hit him, as I didn’t want to lose my job. So instead, I called the truck company in front of him, explained what he had done, and he was fired right there by the boss over the phone. I called him a stupid twat, laughed at him and carried on my way. The truck company paid for repairing my car and I got a really swanky 4x4 to drive while the work was done. Fun times 😂.