What are the MOST FUCKED UP video(s) you ever watched

That was downright brutal
Dumb motherfucker must not have known or cared about the camera
i dont define brutality by guts or blood (these are anatomical normal), no its the pure act of killing someone and the context.
in this case he killed someone doing a honest work for some little money, without giving him any chance to respond
fucktard could atleast threatened him to give him the money

imagine having a dreams, family, hopes then a retard comes and decides over your life
There was this one video I made years ago, and twenty years later I watch it again. That is some scary fucked up cool shit.


When I was like 9 one of my older friends introduced me to livegore, before the original website got taken down of course. He showed me this video of a woman having her head literally cut off, and it haunted me for YEARS afterwards. Sometimes I still think back to that vid, but it doesn’t mess me up anymore. I remember crying to my mom about it. She was pissed. I didn’t sleep for like 5 weeks