Worm in man's eye killed by laser


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Worm in man's eye killed by laser

It took two laser blasts for doctors to kill a worm which made a nest for itself in an American man's eye, local media reported on Monday.

John Matthews first noticed two spots obscuring the vision in his left eye in December and underwent a series of tests before doctors made the gruesome discovery.

He was rushed into a treatment room at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics where doctors shot a laser into his eye to kill the worm.

"I could see it from behind, moving, trying to dodge the laser," Matthews told the Dubuque, Iowa Telegraph Herald newspaper.

The worm was killed by the second laser blast but doctors couldn't remove it from his eye.

Matthews' body is absorbing the worm's remains and doctors said he has suffered permanent retina damage.

"It could have been hookworm I might have picked up when we were in Mexico or it could have been raccoon roundworm that I could have gotten turkey hunting," he told the paper.

An avid fan of Animal Planet, Matthews called the cable station and told them of his story. A film crew came to Iowa and the segment about the invasive eye worm will air on the show Shape Shifters.
Worm in man's eye killed by laser