1. osoitettava

    Spontaneous Abortion

    *CDMX* *SECTOR CH PBI* *LINEA 1* *ESTACION* ZARAGOZA *Direccion* Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza. *Colonia* Cuatro Árboles *Alcaldía* Venustiano Carranza. C.P. 15500 *Cuadrante* metro 1-2 **Asunto* Apoyo a fémina en baños publicos...
  2. AcidOnTheStreet

    Vasto defile life 1&2

    Defile Life <--link 1. (Pictures) Defile Life II <--link2. (Videos/and some pics) I don't recommend mothers or mothers who have had miscarriage to watch if you are sensitive. OR if you are going to do an abortion when it's to fkn late, cause this show you what you have to do aka give birth to...
  3. DeathHand

    Failed Self Abortion

    Reports state that this woman tried to perform the abortion of her own baby/fetus. Her and the baby both died. Brejo Santo, Brazil, May 22, 2016. 1. 2. 3. 4. RIP to the wee one...
  4. tenguix

    Unsafe Abortion | Gangrenous Bowel

    A 22-year-old woman presented in poor shape with gangrenous intestines protruding from her vagina. She had recently undergone an "unsafe abortion". Initial presentation: The mutilated fetus (still in her abdomen) was extracted: Photo of the gangrenous bowel and the woman's perforated...