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  1. dubyabush


    buncha animals attacking people. [NO HARD GORE] so yea donā€™t expect much from it! also! this is my last video in compilation format, cause im getting bored. -dubya
  2. Lol_isHeDead?

    Deer Warning?? 100+ deers squashed by train:

    Only if they were Isis or boko haram militants šŸ˜„
  3. Lovingit

    Diver Rescues Tiny Fish Trapped Inside a Plastic Bag in Thailand (Video)

    This is the heartwarming moment a scuba diver saved a tiny fish that had got stuck inside a plastic bag. Nat Senmuang was diving with friends when she noticed the little fish barely breathing inside the plastic pollution in Phuket, southern Thailand on February 14. Without intervention, the...
  4. tarekwood

    Underground Dog Fighting in Afghanistan

    Underground Dog Fighting in Afghanistan
  5. kipdevil

    Anaconda eats mans leg

  6. b2ux

    HUMAN GETS DEVOURED BY WHALE mammals gone wild!