1. ZeroK

    bizarre If You're Going To Assassinate An Ex President Make Sure The Gun's Clean

  2. Coppernico

    Video of the moment when Shinzo Abe was shot during speech

    (8 July 2022) Japan ex PM Shinzo Abe was giving a speech in Nara when he was shot by a man armed with a homemade shotgun. The shooter missed the first shot but the second hit Shinzo. He died shortly after. There are some videos in the internet but most of them aren't clear since they're shaky...
  3. pal_den

    Moment Of Assassination Of Female Mayoral Candidate In Mexico

    An electoral candidate was shot to death this afternoon in Moroleón (50,000 inhabitants, Guanajuato) when she was participating in campaign events. Alma Barragán was the candidate for the presidency of that town by Movimiento Ciudadano, a party that mourns the death of its third politician in...
  4. Hel

    Russian ambassador in Turkey assassinated by off-duty cop