1. D.O.A.

    Coroner ‘never seen’ death as horrific as 36yo ‘melted’ into couch

    The coroner called to examine a young woman’s body after she was found “melted” into her family’s couch has “never seen a homicide like this” — and is still disturbed by what he saw. Lacey Fletcher, 36, was found covered in urine and faeces and “fused” to the maggot-ridden lounge at her...
  2. kesha13

    GTA VI Hacked by Teenage Autist

    Posting in underground because the videos are being taken down everywhere you look. So, an autistic 18 year old called Arion Kurtaj (AKA White, Breachbase and now teapotuberhacker) is being named as the alleged 'brains' behind the Uber hack last week, and GTA6 hack a few days ago. If the claims...
  3. Blood_Sport

    Funny UK TV Dating Show ~ Undateables

    I've just been reminded about this series, Undateables is a show for socially awkward people to try to find love.. And those socially awkward people are funny as fuck