1. tenguix

    Breast Deformities

    It's been a while since I posted in Diseases&Deformities, so here are a few breast deformities. Amongst the deformities caused by Poland Syndrome: A poor girl with right Tuberous Breast Deformity and left Idiopathic Hypoplasia: These deformities are caused by post-burn contractures...
  2. Mental Puppy

    Burnt and dead

    11th May, police responded on a call from locals about a body hanging in a tree. Police searched but didn't find anything. On the 12th the police returned and this time located the body, but was not hanging in a tree. Police suspect the executioner returned to cut the body down abd burn it to...
  3. Dr. Gauner

    Burned To Death In Their Fiat Uno

    On September 20, 2015 in Brazil there was a fatal crash. The driver of a Fiat Uno lost control of the car, flipped over and crashed into an oncoming pick-up truck. Witnesses reported they could not reach the three occupants of the car due to the heat and smoke.
  4. Dr. Gauner

    Burn to Death by Molotov Cocktail

    On Sept 20th in Thailand, 2 men who lived in the same apartment complex got into a heated argument over parkings. The victim went back inside his apartment and the other man got a few bottles of molotov cocktail. One of the bottle was thrown directly into the victim's apartment and he was burn...