1. vaga

    Funny Blow into this please, you wrongun

    Machines don't lie. See the full length sting video on Facebook.
  2. Cold Ethyl

    Sick Bastard

    A Mississippi man who thought he was making a birthday trip to rape a baby in a Tennessee hotel room is now behind bars, according to police documents. Chattanooga State Police arrested 49-year-old Dennis Allen Gaal on Tuesday. An affidavit obtained by WTVC noted Gaal communicated with an...
  3. Ravishing Rick Rude

    Deputy Police Chief Busted In Florida Prostitution Sting 😂😂

    Sheriff Grady Judd from Polk County is a savage on this one 😂😂 Buddy showed up with a couple Bud Lights and a case of White Claw 😹😹